How to connect to Criteo

How to connect to Criteo

Connecting to Criteo data required creation of a custom application in your Criteo account. The following steps will guide you through the steps:

Before you begin make sure you have Admin rights for the Criteo Account.

1. Go to https://partners.criteo.com/

2. Create a new Organization (if it is not already created)

Create criteo account

3. Click the Create New App button

Criteo create new app

4. Fill in the Name and the Description fields and click Create App. Configure a new app.

5. Navigate to the Service section, choose Marketing solutions. Click Save.

Criteo save name

6. Navigate to the Authorization section, choose the Read value for every Domain in the row. Click Save.

Criteo auth

7. Navigate to the App Credentials section and click the Create new key button. The browser will download a text file with the New App credentials.

Criteo new auth

8. Click Authorize App in the right upper corner.

Criteo generate

9. Click Generate URL and copy-paste it in the address bar of the browser.

10. Scroll to the Portfolio Access section, choose the Account name and click Ok.

Criteo portfolio access

Getting started

1. Add a template or a widget to a dashboard by using the BIG RED button at the bottom right of the screen.

Criteo add template

2. While in the connection wizard, locate Criteo in the list of applications

Criteo wizard

3. When prompted, enter the keys that you generated earlier (open the downloaded file with the App Credentials and copy-paste Client Id and Client Secret).

Criteo enter keys

Once you enter the keys, Octoboard will be able to connect to the new Criteo app and retrieve Paid Advertising data.