OpenAI and ChatGPT data insights for marketing teams, online brands and clients

Octoboard use Open AI to monitor and provide insight into your marketing and business performance metrics 24/7. Get your weekly updates via Slack or by Email.

Showcase your work - send positive changes to clients
Fully automated analytics - monitor trends 24/7
No code required - connect once and start receiving updates
Machine learning - discover previously invisible trends
Business Performance Dashboards For Startups
Automated cloud data insights ai platform

Get automated updates
Via Slack or Email

Stop wasting time looking at spreadsheets. Octoboard will constantly monitor data changes for you. We identify trends and send regular updates on your business performance and marketing metrics changes.

Open AI & ChatGPT —
Stay connected

Connect to your data once and start getting updates in your Email box or company Slack channel. We use OpenAI, ChatGPT and Octoboard's own machine learning algorithms will automatically discover trends that you may miss.

Automated cloud data insights ai platform
Automated ai insights reported in slack

Keep Clients Happy —
Send Positive News

Integrate our Positive News Feed into monthly updates for your customers. We will select positive data trends for your regular client reporting. Show best results of your work to your clients and keep them happy!

Automated ai insights reported in slack
Marketing data ai insights via slack

Work Smart, Save Time
— Let us do the work

There is too much data! Identifying trends and finding insights by looking at data manually is unreliable and very ineffective. Octoboard automates the analysis process so that you can concentrate on building your business and we can tell you when something is changing by analyzing your data 24/7 and sending you Email and Slack updates.

Marketing data ai insights via slack
Get more value out of your cloud data. Start using performance metrics now.