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Blog posts covering advanced paid advertising analytics of the Octoboard platform.
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OCTOBOARD: Google ads ppc trends 2024 cpc analysis

Google Ads PPC trends 2024: CPC analysis

Discover top cost-per-click trends of 2024. Why does CPC grows year on year and what seasonal changes affect paid advertising costs for marketing agency clients and online businesses.
PPC Analytics | 11-07-2024
OCTOBOARD: Mastering cross channel ppc advertising analytics

Mastering Cross-Channel PPC Advertising Analytics: Top Metrics for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Tiktok, Snapchat, Criteo reporting

Uncover the power of Cross-Channel Reporting in optimizing your paid advertising efforts across multiple platforms. How to use paid advertising analytics platforms such as Octoboard to build multi-channel PPC reports.
PPC Analytics | 25-04-2024
OCTOBOARD: Improve roas with advanced ppc analytics

Improve Your ROAS with Advanced PPC Analytics: A Quick Guide to Cross-Channel Reporting

Unlock the potential of your PPC campaigns with cross-channel reporting. Learn how the Octoboard platform can transform your ROAS through data-driven PPC analytics.
PPC Analytics | 15-06-2023
OCTOBOARD: How to add Google Sheets data to a marketing agency report

How to add Google Sheets data to a marketing agency report

Add your Google Sheets data to an agency marketing report. Save time and add more value to your clients with automated reporting from Octoboard.
PPC Analytics | 03-03-2022
OCTOBOARD: How to add Google Sheets data to business dashboard

How to add Google Sheets data to business dashboard

Use Octoboard integration with Google Sheets for your online business dashboard - new possibilities for Octoboard users. Try it now for free!
PPC Analytics | 09-01-2022
Start using your cloud data to grow sales, save cost and retain clients
How to enable cross-channel PPC analytics with Octoboard
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