Monitoring real-time website traffic

Monitoring real-time website traffic
Real-time website traffic dashboards are currently available to Octoboard for Business clients. This feature will be made available to the Octoboard for Agencies clients in the future.

When you create a real-time data connection, the platform will generate a script snippet that you will need to copy to the clipboard and add to the HTML code of every web page that you want to monitor. This is what the snippet looks like in the connection wizard:

Real time web traffic connection setup

Once you have added the code snipped to your website pages, you will start receiving real-time data events that will be displayed in the dashboards.

Real time octoboard dashboard

We have a number of website traffic templates that you can add to your dashboards from the connection wizard. To add a template select the "TEMPLATE" option as shown on the image below.

Add template button

In the wizard, select the "Real-time website traffic" template to add widgets that display your live traffic data.

Real time template in wizard

After you have added widgets or real-time data templates to a dashboard, you can always locate the script snippet in the connections panel of the selected Octoboard client as shown here:

Copy script snippet link