Connecting to Instagram

Connecting to Instagram

Why can I not connect to Instagram?

New integration works with Instagram for Business accounts only. It supersedes older Instagram API that is no longer supported by Facebook / Instagram. Previous version of the Instagram integration is not available after June 29th, 2020. In order to use new Instagram after that date, you will need to have an Instagram for Business account associated with a Facebook login and connect Octoboard to it using the new Instagram integration.

Please visit the following Instagram page that explain How to set up an Instagram Business account or use the this generic Facebook beginner's guide on Instagram Business Accounts.

Why is my Instagram Account not in the list?

First, please make sure your Instagram account is not Personal but Business. Only Business accounts can be accessed using the programmatic API.

In order to connect to an Instagram Business Account, you have to be connected to the Facebook Page that is associated with that account. When authorising Octoboard to connect to Facebook, make sure you give Octoboard permission to view all pages.

If your clients give you access to a new Facebook Page / Instagram Account, you need to re-authorise Octoboard with Facebook again and check all Facebook pages in the login popup window. This is required because Facebook does not grant permissions for newly added pages or Instagram accounts automatically.

Please use the following procedure to make sure Octoboard can access your Facebook pages and Instagram Business accounts.

1. Log into Facebook

2. In the top right corner, click DOWN ARROW icon and select "Settings"

Facebook connection octoboard menu

3. In the left menu, select "Business Integrations"

Facebook connection octoboard option

The same view can be reached by visiting this link: Facebook Business Tools Settings.

4. In the panel that show up, look for "Active Business Integrations"

If Octoboard is not there, it means Octoboard was not connected to Facebook.

5. If you can see Octoboard, click on "View and Edit"

6. Make sure Octoboard has the following permissions:

Facebook connection octoboard config

If Octoboard does not have any of the above rights, it will not be able to either show your page in the ComboBox during Octoboard connection authorisation or you will not be able to display some metrics.

How to make sure Octoboard has all required permissions for selected page?

To ensure that Octoboard has all required permissions, do the following:

1. Check Octoboard in previous screen

2. Click "Remove" button

3. Go back to Octoboard and create Facebook Connection again

4. Make sure all permissions are given to Octoboard in the Popup window