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What products do you offer?
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What subscription or plan is best for me?
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Where is your list of integrations?
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What cloud applications do you integrate with?
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What integrations will Octoboard build next?
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Can I request new integrations?
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Do you offer a free trial?
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How can I start a trial?
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How long is your trial?
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Octoboard products and subscriptions

Octoboard offers three SaaS products. Each product targets different audience and is priced differently. It is important to understand what product best suits your business in order to select the right product and subscription.

Octoboard for Business - used by small, medium and large businesses to display data on online dashboards to share business performance metrics internally, motivate teams and achieve company goals. Designed for single business that may have multiple teams or departments, Octoboard for Business includes a set of features that facilitate sharing data with internal teams and clients.

This product is charged based on the number of widgets and dashboards. Octoboard for Business pricing page to view available plans.

Octoboard for Investors - used by VC funds and business angels to monitor and improve performance of startups as well as by startups to build relationships with investors, update VCs and turn investors into advisors.

This product is charged based on the number of monitored startups. Octoboard for Investors pricing page to view available plans.

Octoboard for Agencies - used by marketing agencies to save time and win new clients by creating online portals, to generate and automatically distribute SEO, PPC and other client marketing reports.

This product is charged based on the number of marketing agency clients. Octoboard for Agencies pricing page to view available plans.

With every product, you can purchase monthly or yearly subscriptions. Every product comes with a no-obligation, full featured trial. Yearly subscriptions include a 20% discount.

Can you call me to discuss pricing?

Octoboard offers an outstanding set of features for the lowest prices on the market. We can keep our prices so low because we offer a self-service platform. One-on-one consultations or calls would make our products more expensive. We invest all of our time into building intuitive interfaces and pass the savings to the clients. This approach guarantees low prices for everybody - now and in the future.

If you have a specific question, Octoboard Knowledge Base should be able to answer it.

You can also contact our support team via our website or by selecting “SUPPORT” menu item in the application. Our ticket system will register your query and we will reply to you. Make sure you leave your email address.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes. If you purchase an annual subscription, you will get a 20% discount!

How can I pay for Octoboard?

We use Stripe to process payments. It is a global company operating in many countries. We do not accept PayPal payments or wire transfers.

Stripe accepts credit card payments in most world currencies. Our prices are in American dollars (USD) but you can pay in your local currency. Stripe will convert dollar price to your local currency on the day of purchase.

Do you charge Tax/VAT?

In order to make a payment, you have to add your credit card to your Octoboard profile. Card will be validated and VAT correctly applied.

Octoboard is an EU-based company. Clients outside of European Union will not be charged tax.

We will apply 23% VAT on all purchases made by individuals in EU. European companies should enter business name and VAT ID and we will not charge VAT in that case (except for Irish businesses).

Our software will match every EU VAT ID against company name using a 3rd party service. If they do not match, VAT will be applied.

Make sure you enter correct EU VAT ID including country code (ex: DE999999999 in Germany). This is the Wikipedia link that shows correct VAT ID formats in every European country: Wikipedia - VAT Identification Numbers

Where can I find my invoices?

Every generated invoice will be stored in our system. Go to LEFT MENU > PROFILE > PAYMENT HISTORY to locate them. They can be downloaded in PDF format.

If you want your invoice to contain VAT ID, make sure you enter it when adding your credit card (payment method). For European businesses, our system will validate VAT ID against your company name.

Can I change my subscription

We use Stripe to process payments. It is a global company operating in many countries. We chose Stripe because it handles recurring subscriptions very accurately.

You can upgrade any time or change from monthly to yearly subscription. Any unused time on your monthly plan will be correctly prorated and taken into account when switching to yearly plan.

You can cancel your subscription any time. We do not offer refunds but will apply any unused time for future purchases.

In order to cancel your subscription, go to LEFT MENU > PROFILE > Account Details and click "You can delete account here" link at the bottom. Here is a quick video that shows the whole process:

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