How to capture leads with SEO Audit forms

How to capture leads with SEO Audit forms
Embed SEO Audit forms and Web Leads data capture are two lead generation features offered by the Octoboard platform.

How businesses use embedded SEO Audit forms

Embeddable SEO Audit from Octoboard is a web form for running free SEO audits and collecting leads. You can place Octoboard SEO Audit forms on any page of your website to convert visitors to customers. It works great for any online business as well as for marketing agencies who can install forms on client websites. We offer this feature as a free add-on to all Octoboard plans. How much you charge your agency clients for collected leads is up to you!

Embedded seo forms

Benefits of using embedded SEO Audit forms

Embedded SEO Audit Forms will help your business to

  • Convert your website visitors to leads
  • Impress clients and reduce churn
  • Add an extra revenue stream for your agency
Octoboard embedded seo audit result

Embedded SEO Audit Form is a great feature of the Octoboard platform. It helps online businesses capture more website visitors and convert them to leads. Octoboard embeddable SEO audit forms are 100% white label and are highly configurable. They can be set up on several websites. Marketing agencies deploy them as white label feature on customer websites as an add-on to their services. End clients love it and are happy to pay marketing agencies for the extra leads that they capture. This feature dramatically reduces churn as it adds value to end clients and increase "stickiness" to marketing agencies business. This is also a nice extra revenue stream for the agencies. Whatever you charge your end customer for running SEO Audits is up to you.

How it works

When visitors browse the website, embedded forms show an invitation to run free SEO Audits.

Octoboard embedded seo audit form

Octoboard will run SEO Audits for your visitors and will show results immediately in a popup window. Visitors can also ask for a PDF document to be sent to their email box.

Octoboard embedded seo audit send report

At the end of this engagement, visitors will get a free website SEO Audit, followed up by an email from you. Visitors will leave their contact details with a permission to contact them or will ask for more details about your products or services.

Octoboard embedded seo audit email

Octoboard brand will remain invisible to your visitors. This feature is 100% white labeled. You can configure colours, texts, language of the SEO Audits as well as send PDF documents from your business email address and with your personal customized message and company logo.

How to add SEO Audit to your client website

Setting up Embedded SEO Audit Forms is really easy. Any Octoboard client has access to this feature. Several forms can be created per Octoboard account. If you are using Octoboard for Business product, you will be able to set up one SEO Audit form per Octoboard Team in your account. If you are using Octoboard for Agencies product, you will be able to set up separate SEO Audit forms per end client website.

Accessing SEO Audit form configuration

SEO Audit forms are setup in your clients’ (or teams’) configuration. To begin, please log into your product (Octoboard for Business or Octoboard for Agencies) and select your Client in the setup. This image shows the drop down that controls Client selection in Octoboard and the SEO AUDIT FORM menu item that you should use to access embeddable form configuration.

Octoboard embedded seo audit menu item

After you click SEO AUDIT FORM menu item, you will be brought to the SEO AUDIT FORM configuration panel for the selected client:

Octoboard embedded seo audit form configuration

Configuring SEO Audit form

Many of the controls in the form are self-explanatory. Below are key elements that you should use to configure your first form.

SEO Audit Form Embedding Switch – it controls your form availability. Make sure it is turned ON (enabled) in order to see your forms. Watch out for error messages. If any of the mandatory parameter is not set, you will see a warning.

Domain Edit Box – this is a mandatory field that controls what domain can host the embedded form. This can be your website domain name or your client’s domain name. Marketing agencies use SEO Audit Forms to add lead generation feature to their clients’ websites. It is possible to charge end clients for enabling this feature. Octoboard offer Embedded SEO Audit forms as a white label option. Make sure you enter correct domain name, for example "clientdomain.com".

We recommend testing your changes as you are customizing your SEO Audit form. To test your changes, click TEST MY FORM button.
Octoboard embedded seo audit test button

Display Call To Action Switch – it configures availability of the CTA button in the running SEO Audit. If the switch is on, you can configure CTA button text and URL. CTA button is an extra option that you may use that can drive additional traffic to specific pages of your website. Clients can click that button while the SEO Audit is running. Usually it is a link to additional services that your business provides or to a page of your client’s website with additional information. The image below shows how the action button looks during the audit.

SEO Form Elements – specify if you would like visitors to their names or phone numbers. Email address is a mandatory field in all forms.

Display consent text – use this switch if you would like your potential client to agree to your Terms.

Audit header and promotional text – use these texts to add your personal messages for SEO Audit users.

SEO Form colours – define the colour of the form background and main elements.

Deliver Audits by Email - you can choose to deliver SEO Audits as PDF documents to your clients. By default, emails are sent from Octoboard.com, but you can use your own SMTP server to distribute PDF documents. For more information on configuring custom email server check out this Knowledge Base post.

Notification Emails - every time a lead is captured, you will receive an email from our platform. Use these fields to specify email address for receiving such notifications. Make sure the email you use is verified in our system.

Once you have configured and tested you form, click "Copy to clipboard" link. Use copied html code in your website page. Paste it to any part of the html "body" section.

To get an overview of your B2B Lead Generation script installations and download captured leads, visit the “Settings > B2B Leads” panel of your Octoboard account. For more details on how to view and download captured leads for your clients, please read this tutorial.

B2b lead generation overview
You can define content of the emails that your website visitors will receive along with the generated SEO Audit PDF document. You can also define your own template for notification emails. For more details on configuring email templates, please visit the following Knowledge Base post.

Embedded script contains reference to octoboard.com

If you want the script url to contain your domain instead, you need to enable the white label client portal in your Octoboard account. Once the portal has been enabled and your CNAME records have been updated, you can replace octoboard.com with your subdomain (for example, https://portal.yourdomain.com/scripts/seo-audit-form.js). For information on how to configure client portal in your account, please read this tutorial.

"SEO Audits feature is disabled for domain FILEUSR.COM" message

This message is normally reported by WIX.COM clients. It is displayed by Octoboard platform if you enable security option and your domain is anything but the specified domain. In this case, FILESUSR.COM, which is specific to WIX.COM. You can confirm this by checking the source code of the page where you embed the Octoboard SEO Audit iFrame. To fix the issue make sure that your embedded code does not use references to FILESUSR.COM hosting.