Creating client portals with white label subdomains

Creating client portals with white label subdomains

Creating client portals with white label subdomains

You can create dashboards and reports and use them to build client portals on your own website. With Octoboard you can create login page on a subdomain of your website, for example: client-portal.yourwebsite.com. All references to Octoboard will be removed. Clients will experience seamless transition from your site to Octoboard-powered subdomains with white label logins.

White label client dashboard portal
White label subdomain is a free feature available in Octoboard Marketing Analytics product.

Subdomain is configured in the ACCOUNT settings. To configure this feature, please go LEFT MENU > SETTINGS > ACCOUNT > CLIENT PORTAL. Follow these 3 steps to enable it:

STEP 1: Create a ‘CNAME’ DNS record using your Custom Domain and point it to ‘app.octoboard.com’ or 'agency.octoboard.com'

There is a number of Youtube tutorials that show how to configure CNAME. Check that your CNAME configuration is working by visiting this link: https://dnschecker.org/#CNAME

When defining your subdomain, make sure you exclude "www." from it. For example, "https://www.reports.mywebsite.com" is wrong, correct value in this case is "https://reports.mywebsite.com".

STEP 2. Wait for the DNS changes to propagate and use dnschecker.org to verify it.

Make sure that dnschecker.org shows that your subdomain is pointing to either app.octoboard.com or agency.octoboard.com before proceeding to STEP 3. Octoboard has no control over CNAME configuration of your domain. Until you see the DNS Checker map in green, there is nothing Octoboard can do since there is no website traffic reaching our servers. As part of the portal set up our platform issues SSL certificate for your domain. It happens automatically and takes a few hours. Octoboard will only issue a certificate if your CNAME is configured correctly. So please make sure dnschecker.org is working before trying to log into your new portal.

STEP 3. Wait and check that your new subdomain shows Octoboard application login.

Initially you will see the following message: No application registered for host 'subdomain.yourdomain.com'. This is normal. Octoboard platform will create an SSL certificate for your new domain. The process is automatic but it may take up to 24 hours.

If after 24 hours you still have an error message above, please contact Octoboard Support and we will verify your configuration. Please include your account email address and subdomain details. We will run automated checks for you and will respond by email.

If you want to send a link to your portal in a different language, use "lang" parameter at the end of the url when sharing the link. For example, https://client-portal.yourwebsite.com?lang=es will show your portal in Spanish. Available languages are: English (en), Spanish (es), Portuguese (pt), Italian (it), German (de), Dutch (nl) and French (fr).

For more information about sharing data in Octoboard, please read our tutorial Sharing data with clients and internal teams.

For an overview of the Octoboard white label options and features please read this tutorial. We offer custom email templates, white label url links, custom logos, custom report headers and footers, white label client portals, white label dashboard and report sharing options and other features as free add-ons in our Marketing Analytics product.