Sharing TV Loops

Dashboard TV Loops

TV Loops are designed for office screen displays and are used to show several relevant dashboards to internal teams of an organization. For example, a group of "Sales Dashboards" created using QuickBooks data can be grouped into a TV Loop for a TV display hanging on the Sales Department’s office wall.

Dashboard TV Loops are a great way to show sequences of dashboards one after another on the same screen. A TV Loop looks very similar to a slideshow. Octoboard will use smooth transitions between each "slide" with dashboards fading in and out. You can group dashboards and set delays in seconds for ever slideshow / loop screen change.

How to create Office TV Loops


Octoboard tv loops access

TV Management panel will be displayed. These are the main configuration options:

Tv loops configuration panel

Loop name - new loop name

Dashboards - list of dashboards that make up TV Loop. Add dashboards and define display sequence.

Seconds per dashboards - set delay in seconds for each dashboard display

You can change the sequence of the displayed dashboards by dragging dashboard titles inside the loop. Expect a small delay when you display your TV Loop for the first time. After the initialisation, Octoboard will start using transitions to move from one dashboard to the other as smoothly as possible.

Once you have defined a TV Loop, you can send it to an external device (TV or wall monitor) by using "Send to TV" link. You can manage devices and assign data loops or individual dashboards to display directly in Octoboard without the need to manipulate office device settings. All you need is a device capable of running a compatible web browser. For more information on browser requirements please visit our tutorial on How to set up and manage office devices (TVs or wall monitors).

How frequently will the data be updated

Once you have setup a TV Loop and directed it to an external device, Octoboard will start sending data. Dashboards will load in sequence and will be rotating after a short delay. Octoboard will be updating data when it becomes available from the cloud platforms. Please note that some platforms may not provide data very frequently or may introduce a data lag (data will become available to Octoboard after some delay).

For details on how often data is refreshed and updated, please read our Knowledge Base post on Data update frequency in Octoboard.

For more information about sharing data in Octoboard, please read our tutorial Sharing data with clients and internal teams.