How to receive notifications when connections expire?

How to receive notifications when connections expire?

How often do connection expire?

Cloud data applications such as Facebook and LinkedIn may disconnect you from time to time. This is a feature of these applications designed to verify that you still want your data to be shared.

There are two types of disconnections that may happen:

  • Planned disconnects - this is when an application disconnects Octoboard at regular infrequent intervals. How often this happens depends on the application. Facebook would disconnect you every few months. Google Analytics almost never disconnects. Planned disconnects are mandatory.
  • Manual disconnects - these happen as a result of a human error, when for example you remove Octoboard from the list of connected apps in Facebook settings, or when authorising a Facebook connection, a page in the list of available pages is unchecked by mistake.

To help you catch planned disconnects and keep collecting data, we have enabled a notification feature that you can turn on and off by accessing your Client or Organisation settings and select Notifications tab.

How to receive expiration notifications

Notifications can be configured (turned on and off) per individual client (or organisation) in Octoboard.

Connection notification panel in octoboard

If a disconnection happens, you do not need to reconnect each widget. You can click RECONNECT button (a socket icon at the top of your dashboard ore report). It will reconnect all widgets in the selected report or dashboard. You can also use the reconnect option in the CONNECTIONS panel shown below. If you use that option, Octoboard will find all widgets in all reports and dashboards and will reconnect them for you automatically.

Reconnect button in connections panel