Data availability

Data APIs of some cloud-based applications are quite restrictive. Where possible, Octoboard will try to work around these restrictions. In some cases it is not possible and data is displayed fully and without modifications by Octoboard.

IMPORTANT: Not all platforms return historical data to Octoboard. Upgrading your Octoboard subscription will not change that. You will always depend on how much data cloud applications can provide to Octoboard via publicly available programmatic interfaces (APIs).

Facebook data in graphs

Facebook does not return all data via API. It is limited to the last 90 days. Some engagement metrics (likes, shares and so on) have to be calculated for last posts manually. As a result data will not match Facebook Insights initially. However, if you keep Facebook connected, the data will be collected by Octoboard daily and over time it will be possible to monitor trends accurately.

Facebook does not return data for accounts that are not very active. Facebook does not communicate what activity it considers significant enough for this reporting. This is an example of the error reported in that case:

Facebook not enough data error

If you get this error, keep working on your Facebook Reach and Engagement. At some stage, this error will disappear and widgets will get populated.

Twitter data

Twitter do not report Engagement Insights over API. Octoboard collects them manually for last posts. It is normal to have data for one day initially. However, over time trends will start to show up. The longer you have Octoboard connected, the more data will be displayed for Twitter.

Freshdesk data

Freshdesk data may change a little for the day. The issue is related to time zones. When Octoboard requests Freshdesk insights data for "yesterday" or "last 7 days", Freshdesk uses UTC time. Octoboard will therefore display tickets information in UTC time. At the same time Freshdesk own insights dashboards display data in your local time. Due to difference in time zones between your local time and UTC you may experience small differences in ticket numbers, for example. Trends over time will still be very accurate.

How API affect storage

Applications provide data for Octoboard differently. Some offer a lot of data, others are more restrictive.

Google Analytics, for example, would offer a lot of historical data and Octoboard will query many months back.

Other applications such as Twitter or Youtube for example, would not return historical data for some parameters at all. For such applications, Octoboard will collect data every day and will build it up over time. The longer you use Octoboard, the more data you will see over time.

This is how Google Analytics widgets look from day one (note charts and graphs filled with data).

Data storage ga

And here is Twitter Engagement metrics - they are not available initially and will be accumulated by Octoboard over time - see "OVERVIEW" graph as an example.

Data storage twitter

Over time you will get data collected and stored in the system. So keep using Octoboard and more data will be collected and made available to you.