Is Octoboard a real-time platform?

Is Octoboard a real-time platform?

Is Octoboard real-time?

Yes. Octoboard is a true real-time system.

Octoboard can receive and display real-time events and messages streamed live by cloud applications. For apps that offer real-time data, Octoboard will display data events almost as soon as they take place. Octoboard will constantly monitor real-time event streams from such applications and will keep adding event data to display widgets (graphs, tables, maps and pie charts).

Above approach is very different to what our competitors do. Most our competitors offer "real-time systems" by querying data every 5 minutes or every minute. Such an approach results in data being displayed with significant delay (it is not real-time). It also overloads your business network and infrastructure - competitors keep requesting data whether it is available or not.

With Octoboard, there is no need to refresh data screens or wait for next 5 minute refresh interval. Octoboard actively "listens" to new events. Widgets, tables and graphs will be populated with information that our system receives immediately. You can see examples of our real-time interfaces by visiting Octoboard real-time demo. Select "Live website traffic" or "Visitors - Leads - Purchases" dashboards to see events arriving live.

Real time octoboard dashboard
Not all cloud applications can send real-time events to us. We are constantly adding new real-time integrations to Octoboard.

The following applications and systems can send real-time events to live Octoboard dashboards:

  • Real-time client subscriptions to Email lists in ActiveCampaign
  • Real-time trouble tickets raised in Devops platforms such as Zendesk (Freshdesk is currently in development)
  • Real-time payments, new clients, transactions and charges in Stripe
  • Real-time Zapier events sent by hundreds of cloud applications
  • Real-time website traffic events from Octoboard own web analytics scripts - current website visitors, devices, location of website visitors and more.

When displayed on Office TV dashboards, real-time data views offer really engaging data visualisations. Real-time dashboards and TV Loops are used by business owners, management teams, sales, marketing, support, devops and financial departments around the world. For more information on sharing data in Octoboard, please read our tutorial Sharing data with clients and internal teams.

For more information on data frequency updates in Octoboard, please read this Knowledge Base post.