Google Sheets Add-On: IP Details

Google Sheets Add-On: IP Details

How to install Octoboard IP details add-on

Octoboard Google Sheets add-on works as a sidebar inside your Google Sheets documents and it can be installed from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Go to Google Workspace Marketplace, locate IP Details add-on and install it for your organization or your individual account.

Once installed, you can use the Launch Sidebar option in your document.

Launch octoboard sidebar ip details

In the sidebar, you will need to connect to your Octoboard account. If you do not have an account, you will be able to create one using the same interface.

Log into octoboard account

You will need to select the Octoboard product that you want to use to collect the data – Octoboard for Business or Octoboard for Agencies. Please make sure you select the correct account. All connections that you create in your Octoboard account will only be visible within that account and cannot be transferred.

You will be asked to either create a new account or to log in to an existing one.

The account that you selected will need to have the Octoboard Google Sheets license in order to run automated queries and collect cloud data.

For more details on add-on pricing, please follow this link.

Once you have connected to your Octoboard account, your sidebar will load and will display the IP details interface.

Google sheets sidebar loaded ip details

You can now start entering IP addresses and requesting IP details.

How to use IP Details interface

The interface is quite simple and intuitive. First you need to enter or load a list of IP addresses to your Google Sheets document. Make sure they are loaded in one column one above the other.

Select the range of the IP addresses (1 column) and click REFRESH button. The RANGE element will display the selected range.

Ip details interface in octoboard

Below the range element, the add-on will show the maximum number of API requests that could be required to provide information for all entered IP addresses. If information can not be retrieved for some of the IP addresses, these API updates would not be counted toward your quota.

Google Sheets add-on is priced on the number of queries run per day. For more details on Google Sheets pricing, please follow this link.

Once you click GET IP DATA button, our platform will run queries for selected IP addresses and, if successful, will return the following information:

  • Geographical information - country, city, country code, timezone
  • Domain and ASN details
  • Company behind the API (business domain and business type)
Ip details results

For an overview of the Google Sheets Add-ons in Octoboard, please read this tutorial.