Google Sheets add-on pricing

Google Sheets add-on pricing

How is the Google Sheets add-on priced

Octoboard for Google Sheets is available in our Marketing Analytics product - Octoboard for Business and Octoboard for Agencies.

Octoboard Marketing Analytics product offer a number of features for online businesses and marketing professionals. They also offer user and user role configuration as well as connection management for the Google Sheets add-on. If you are only interested in the Google Sheets add-on functionality, you can purchase a very basic core product and include the add-on upgrade as part of your monthly or yearly Octoboard subscription.

Google sheets add on pricing

The number of users, connections, applications that you can have to is not limited in the Octoboard Google Sheets add-on. Google Sheets add-on is priced based on the number of queries (data updates) that you run per day.

Every time you run a query manually or via the automated query updates, it counts towards your daily quota. Google Sheets plans start from 100 query updates per day. It is sufficient for most online businesses and smaller marketing agencies. Higher limits are available to purchase for all Octoboard clients.

How to check the current usage

To see how many queries have been used by your Octoboard account, click the profile icon of the Google Sheets sidebar. The current limit and the usage will be displayed in the usage panel shown here:

Usage statistics in google sheets add on

For more details on how to use and configure the Google Sheets add-on for your Octoboard account, please read this tutorial.