How to display web pages inside a dashboard?

How to display web pages inside a dashboard?

You can embed web pages or external domains into your dashboards and reports. Here is an example of an embedded Hubspot main page:

Website embedded into business dashboard

To embed a web page, you need to add a TEXT widget and configure it to include an iFrame code, as explained below. To add a web page, follow these steps:

1. Add TEXT widget to your dashboard

Add image button

2. Select and click PARAMETERS menu item of the widget

Config menu item in text widget

3. Add iFrame code in the configuration panel of the TEXT widget as shown here

Embedded website configuration

You can use this link to copy sample content of the text widget that will embed HubSpot page to your dashboard.

For web page to be added, it has to be accessible and preferably available over https. In order for embedding to work you have to make sure you include "https://" in the url. If you forget to add it, you will get an error from Octoboard that looks something like this:

Error https missing

This feature will only work with domains that allow embedding. If you try to add a domain that does not allow embedding (for example, https://www.google.com), your text widget will look like this:

Error embedding not supported

If your website does not show up, you can ask your administrator to change the website's Content Security Policy that affects iFrame embedding. Fortunately, majority of websites, including leading brands, allow embedding. Here is an example of Lamborghini page displayed inside an Octoboard dashboard:

Embedded website in a dashboard

Lamborghini is an Italian brand that builds luxury sport cars. Octoboard is a SaaS product development company that helps businesses use cloud data, automate reporting and builds online dashboards. Octoboard is not affiliated with the Lamborghini brand. Embedded website image contains copyrighted material that belongs to Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.