E-commerce Email Marketing overview

E-commerce Email Marketing overview

What is Octoboard Email Marketing for E-commerce

Octoboard Email Marketing is part of the Octoboard E-commerce analytics.

It is a set of features that helps over 3.000 online store owners and SaaS companies to send email campaigns to their customers. E-commerce brands use Octoboard Email marketing to send email campaigns with regular product updates, discount offers, event adverts, promotional campaigns and so on. SaaS businesses use our email automations to send regular emails to onboard new customers, introduce new features and much more.

Octoboard ecommerce overview

Octoboard Email marketing features

Over 3.000 online stores use our email marketing product. These are the top features that have been highlighted by our clients:

  • Automatic store synchronization - Octoboard will connect to your Stripe, WooCommerce, Magento store and will retrieve all existing an new contacts automatically
  • Using customer segments to optimize campaigns - you can use any of the customer properties - from spend and geographical location to custom tags, shopping basked activity and frequency of purchases - to better target your contacts with offers and email automations
  • Auto-respond email campaigns - create campaign once for a selected customer segment (new customers, VIPs, USA market) and let it send emails whenever new contact “enters” a segment that you define
  • Email marketing on auto-pilot with automations - create email sequences to be sent emails to any customer segment; define individual messages, frequency of email delivery, delays between email messages and so on
  • Contact uploads - import new contacts using our file upload feature
  • Analyze campaign effectiveness - from email website visits to emails and purchases - analyze when contacts browse your stores, receive emails, click on links, bounce, unsubscribe or make purchases
Email automation configuration

How does it work

After you have connected your Stripe, WooCommerce or Magento account to Octoboard, our platform will start synchronizing your contacts automatically. Once the synchronization has finished, you will be able to access your contacts, add/remove contact tags, upload new contacts and launch your first email campaigns and automations.

Emails are sent from our dedicated email servers that can be configured to look as if emails are sent from your website. Your end customers will never see Octoboard in email links or in the “From” field. Octoboard is 100% white labelled.

Email marketing pricing

Email marketing features are part of the Ecommerce Analytics product of the Octoboard platform. Every Ecommerce Analytics subscription comes with the number of emails that you can send per month. Prices start from just €20 per month. You can purchase any number of emails to be sent in your billing period. Try our pricing page - select Ecommerce Analytics and use the plus and minus buttons to increase email sending limits and check the monthly and yearly prices.

Email marketing pricing