Email campaign use case: sending a discount clients that spent over $100

Email campaign use case: sending a discount clients that spent over $100

Use case: sending a discount offer to all clients that spent over $100

You can configure an email campaign that will send a discount to all existing clients that have spent over $100 as well as all future clients that reach the $100 spend.

First, create a new campaign and set its filter to “Revenue more than 100 USD” as shown below:

Campaign for high revenue contacts

Create an email message that sends out a discount value:

Discount email configuration

Make sure you send a test message to one of your verified emails.

Set the campaign type to “Auto-respond”. This will ensure that all future contacts will receive this campaign message:

Auto respond email configuration

After you have configured the campaign type, your campaign configuration should look something like this:

Campaign configuration vip overview

Now you can start sending your discounts by clicking the SEND NOW item from the list of options on the right. The campaign will start sending emails to all existing contacts that satisfy the filter “Revenue is more than $100”. Since it is an auto-respond campaign, it will remain active indefinitely (unless you define an end date). It will keep scanning your contacts and as soon as they satisfy the filter condition, it will send an email with the discount.

If you do not want to send emails immediately after clients have purchased more than $100, you can instead create an email automation with two actions. The first one will be a Wait action (wait for 3 days) followed by an email with the discount as shown here:

Send email after 3 days