Email automation use case: onboarding new customers

Email automation use case: onboarding new customers

Use case: onboarding new customers with email automations

Online businesses that build SaaS products use E-commerce Suite automations to create and send emails to new clients. We at Octoboard also use our product to send emails to new clients to make them aware of the features of our platform. This tutorial shows the configuration of the Octoboard E-commerce Suite email automation.

Start by using the Add Automation button in the list of automations.

Add automation interface

The automation’s configuration will look something like this:

Email automation example

The automation consists of 3 emails sent 4 days apart

Email automation chain configuration

It is important that the automation is configured without the end date. This way all future contacts that get added to the store either through upload, store synchronization or via real-time Octoboard API will start receiving emails. There is no need to configure filters for this automation.

Automation without end date

Once you click the Start Now button, the automation will send the first email to all existing emails and after the 4 days will follow up with the second email and so on. All new contacts that get uploaded to the E-commerce Suite or synchronized with the store will start receiving these email.

Below is the configuration of the third email of the automation that covers the E-commerce Suite features and tutorials.

Sample email configuration