IG Overview - (Depreciated): Building Real-time Social Media Dashboards with Octoboard

Looking to enhance your online presence on Instagram? Learn how Octoboard's analytics platform can help marketing teams effectively monitor and analyze Instagram metrics.

New marketing template — IG Overview - (Depreciated)
We have added a new data template "IG Overview - (Depreciated)" for automating IG - Depricated data reports. Use it to build engaging client reports and send business updates by email.
All your data in one place
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New marketing template — IG Overview - (Depreciated)
Automated reporting
Keyword rank tracker
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ChatGPT data insights
All your data in one place

New marketing template — IG Overview - (Depreciated)

We have added a new data template "IG Overview - (Depreciated)" for automating IG - Depricated data reports. Use it to build engaging client reports and send business updates by email.

All your data in one place
Business performance management dashboard shared

Share template "IG Overview - (Depreciated)" with your team

Add client portal to your website. Invite clients and team members and let them explore your collection data in dashboards and reports built using template "IG Overview - (Depreciated)".

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Make your IG - Depricated data public in a shared dashboard. Embed data views into any page of your website. The setup is very easy and does not require IT support.

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You decide what data to share or to keep private. Access rights for individual users and clients is under your control.

Business performance management dashboard shared
Octoboard business cloud data dashboards for churn reduction

Showcase your IG Overview - (Depreciated) data

Create IG - Depricated graphs and metrics that demonstrate positive historical changes and results. Compare historical IG - Depricated KPI changes and prove ROI to any business with regular and automated reporting.

Octoboard business cloud data dashboards for churn reduction
White label client portal

Enable IG - Depricated client portal

Create and host white label client portal on your website using IG - Depricated data. Use our library of templates, place your logo and send automated reports in seconds.

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Create public and private dashboards and reports using template "IG Overview - (Depreciated)". Embed data views into any page of your website. The setup is very easy and does not require IT support.

White label client portal
Automated cloud data insights

Use OpenAI and ChatGPT to indentify IG - Depricated data trends

Octoboard will constantly monitor data changes in the "IG Overview - (Depreciated)" template. We use ChatGPT and OpenAI to identify IG - Depricated trends and send regular updates.

Connect IG - Depricated once and enable our AI engine

We employ our own machine learning algorithms to automatically discover IG - Depricated trends that you may miss. Connect to your IG - Depricated data and receive insights in your Email box.

Automated cloud data insights


Instagram social media dashboard: feed, reach and engagement metrics.

Template for generated report: Instagram social media template for online dashboard

Building Real-time Social Media Dashboards: IG Overview

In today's fast-paced digital world, social media platforms, especially Instagram, have become vital for businesses seeking to enhance their online presence. Instagram, with its billion-plus monthly active users, offers an unparalleled opportunity for brands to connect with their audience. However, with great opportunities come great challenges, one of which is effectively monitoring and analyzing the vast amount of data generated. This is where the integration of analytics platforms like Octoboard with Instagram becomes indispensable for marketing teams.

The Importance of Instagram Metrics

Create cross-channel PPC reports. Monitor your ad spend across all platforms with Octoboard.

Instagram provides a plethora of metrics that can help businesses gauge the effectiveness of their social media strategies. These metrics include:

  • Instagram Feed
  • Instagram Top Posts
  • Instagram Engagement Rate
  • Instagram Posts
  • Instagram Following
  • Instagram Followers
  • Instagram Likes
  • Instagram Comments

Each of these metrics offers insights into different aspects of a brand's Instagram performance. For instance, monitoring Instagram Followers and Following can help understand growth trends, while tracking Instagram Likes and Comments can provide insights into audience engagement. However, the sheer volume of data can be overwhelming, making it difficult for marketing teams to track progress effectively. This is where Octoboard's analytics capabilities come into play.

Automating Dashboard Creation with Octoboard

Octoboard's marketing analytics platform streamlines the process of data collection and visualization by automating the creation of social media dashboards. This automation saves marketing teams hundreds of hours that would otherwise be spent manually gathering and analyzing data. By providing real-time access to key metrics, Octoboard enables teams to make informed decisions quickly.

Displaying an Instagram dashboard in the office can significantly boost the visibility of social media efforts, keeping everyone in the loop regarding the brand's online performance. This constant visibility encourages teams to stay focused on their social media goals and strategies.

Monitoring Social Media Performance

Create marketing reports and use ChatGPT and Open AI to monitor data trends with Octoboard.

Monitoring Instagram metrics is crucial for understanding the impact of social media efforts. It helps in identifying what works and what doesn't, allowing teams to pivot their strategies as needed. For instance, a low engagement rate might indicate that the content is not resonating with the audience, signaling the need for a content strategy overhaul.

Unified PPC Reporting with Octoboard

Beyond Instagram analytics, Octoboard's capabilities extend to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising across multiple channels. With the rise of digital advertising, businesses often find themselves managing campaigns across various platforms, making it challenging to track overall performance. Octoboard brings all PPC reporting into one place, offering insights into metrics like impressions, user engagement, locations, and devices. This unified approach to PPC reporting is critical for businesses aiming to optimize their advertising spend and strategy. Learn more about Octoboard's advanced PPC analytics module here.

Advanced PPC Analytics for Marketing Agencies

Build marketing reports and keep track of your SEO and keywords rankings with Octoboard.

For marketing agencies managing campaigns for multiple clients across different platforms, Octoboard's advanced PPC Analytics module is a game-changer. It allows teams to build new metrics, dimensions, and use advanced formulas to transform PPC data. This capability is invaluable for creating tailored reports that meet specific client needs, across various locations and currencies. The flexibility and depth of analysis offered by Octoboard's PPC Analytics module underscore its value for marketing agencies. Explore the module here.

Automating Data Trend Detection with Octoboard

In the realm of digital marketing, staying ahead means being able to quickly identify and act on emerging trends. Octoboard leverages the power of OpenAI to automate the detection of data trends using Instagram metrics. This feature enables marketing teams to stay on top of their marketing progress by highlighting significant changes in engagement, follower growth, or content performance. By automating trend detection, Octoboard ensures that marketing agencies and teams are not just monitoring their activity but are also proactively identifying opportunities for optimization. Discover more about Octoboard's automated data insights feature here.

Google Sheets Data Export Feature

Data portability and accessibility are key for teams that need to share insights or collaborate on data-driven strategies. Octoboard's Google Sheets data export feature addresses this need by allowing marketing teams to send cloud data directly to Google Sheets documents. This integration facilitates easy access to data for further analysis, reporting, or sharing among team members. Whether it's for a deep dive into the metrics or preparing a presentation for stakeholders, the ability to export data to Google Sheets is a valuable tool for any Instagram marketing team. Learn more about this feature here.


In the digital age, where data is king, having the right tools to gather, analyze, and act on social media insights is crucial for any business aiming to thrive online. Octoboard's integration with Instagram and its suite of analytics and reporting features offer a comprehensive solution for marketing teams looking to streamline their social media monitoring and PPC advertising efforts. By leveraging real-time data, automating dashboard creation, and providing advanced analytics capabilities, Octoboard empowers businesses to stay ahead in the fast-paced world of digital marketing.

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Most recent posts sorted by date (last post at the top).


Your Instagram posts ranked by Engagement.
Top Posts show posts ranked by Engagement. To sort posts by time (latest posts at the top), select Latest Posts metric.

Engagement shows how much people interact with the content. Factors that influence engagement include users’ comments, shares, likes, and more. This is an important metric to keep an eye on because higher consumer engagement is a sign of great content.

20 posts will be displayed in this widget.


Engagement Rate of your Instagram account over time.
Engagement Rate is a metric that is used heavily in analyzing social media. Because the engagement rate is calculated relative to the number of followers a company has on social media (or number of views), the rate for both small and large companies can be compared equally.

Engagement Rate = (Comments + Likes) / Followers.


Number of posts in Instagram account by day.

This metric shows new posts created in the configured time period. You can change this view and display "cumulative" or "rolling total" number of posts create in the period by clicking on the "Cog" icon in the Top-Right corner of the widget and changing calculation method from "Difference" to "Rolling Totals".


Number of people you follow in Instagram.


Number of Followers in Instagram account.


Number of Likes received over time.
Likes is the number of times people Like your videos. Likes are an indicator of how well your content resonates with people.



Number of Comments on your content.
Comments is the number of comments people make on your videos. Comments can provide insight into how people feel about your content, products or brand overall.

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Instagram social media report: feed, reach and engagement metrics.