Octoboard Web Analytics overview

Octoboard Web Analytics overview

Octoboard Web Analytics Overview

Octoboard Web Analytics is a feature of our platform that allows our clients to capture real-time website traffic events and use them to build the following functionality:

  • Create real-time website session dashboards
  • Capture web leads by converting visitor’s IP addresses to company names
  • Send web traffic data to Octoboard’s PPC Data Analytics to complement or replace GA4 data
Real time business dashboard from octoboard
Octoboard Web Analytics can contribute or even replace your Google Analytics data connection if for some reason you cannot use GA4 or the use of GA4 is restricted.

Octoboard Web Analytics features require the installation of a small script called OCTO.JS on your website pages.

Your Octoboard subscription allows you to install scripts on multiple websites. You can monitor one website per Octoboard organisation (one OCTO.JS installation per organisation or client)

For more details on how to install OCTO.JS script, please read this tutorial.