PPC Analytics Data Export Overview

PPC Analytics Data Export Overview

Once you have connected paid advertising and Google Analytics data sources you can use Octoboard PPC Data Analytics add-on to send the data to Octoboard dashboards, reports and external BI systems. There is a number of ways to use the collected data that are described below.

Using pre-defined PPC Analytics dashboards and reports

Once you enable the PPC Data Analytics add-on, Octoboard will display a set of dashboards in the left panel. To view pre-defined data templates, simply click on any of the items under “PPC Data Analytics”.

Ppc data analytics overview
Pre-defined dashboards and reports are fully customizable. You can always add, remove and modify Data Explorer widgets as well as add cloud data from any of the 70+ integrations offered by our platform. These dashboards and reports are part of the Octoboard PPC Data Analytics module.

Analytics Data is not displayed immediately after you have enabled data collection. Wait a few moments for data to be collected and processed by Octoboard.

Adding Data Explorer widgets to an existing dashboard or report

You can treat Data Explorer widget as any other data visualisation in Octoboard. You can add Data Explorer to any report or dashboard.

To add a Data Explorer widget to any dashboard or report, use the red button at the bottom-left of the dashboard or report in edit mode.

Add widget button

In the wizard, select the “Web+PPC Analytics” option and data explorer widget.

Selecting ppc analytics in data connection wizard

Once you complete the wizard, a new Data Explorer widget will be added to the current dashboard or report.

Data Explorer widgets are part of the Octoboard PPC Data Analytics module.

How to configure Data Explorer widgets

Data Explorer widgets will show the data for selected Streams. You can always add more data sources, select different streams or modify custom streams to add new metrics, formulas and custom dimensions. Use the CONNECT icon in the Data Explorer to switch the data view to a different stream or select a new data source:

Connect button in data explorer
Every Data Explorer widget can be configured to display data for any combination of data streams.

Select metrics and formulas that you want to see in the Data Explorer by using the drop-down controls in the header of the widget as shown in the image below:

Data explorer drop downs

Data Explorers support combinations of graphs, pie charts and tables. If the selected data source contains a country dimension, the data explorer will allow you to display geographical maps.

Data explorer visualisation options

You can use or modify pre-defined PPC Data Analytics templates as well as create new dashboards and reports using PPC Data Analytics widgets. As with any dashboard or report in Octoboard, you can always share data with your peers and clients by creating a white-label data portal or sending automated reports.

For more details on data sharing options in Octoboard, please read this tutorial.

For information on PPC Data Analytics visualisation options in Octoboard dashboards and reports please read this tutorial.

Data Exports: How to send data to external systems

Any selected data source - Custom, Standard or Multi-Channel - can be viewed in Octoboard dashboards and reports or sent to an external data destination such as Google Data Studio or Google BigQuery. To access data export features use the left panel area:

Ppc data analytics export options

The following Knowledge Base topics cover export configurations for every currently available data destination:

You can use the Octoboard Data Warehouse option to display your data in a 3rd party BI tool such as Tableau or Splunk. Simply point your BI tool to the Octoboard Data Warehouse connection. Check out our Data Warehouse export tutorial above for more details.