Exporting PPC Analytics data to BigQuery

Exporting PPC Analytics data to BigQuery

How to send PPC Analytics data to Google BigQuery

Any selected data source - Custom, Standard or Multi-Channel - can be sent to your existing Google BigQuery project. To enable a BigQuery connection, go to the Left Menu > PPC Data Analytics > Destinations > Google BigQuery.

Bigquery configuration panel in octoboard

Click the EDIT button to create a new BigQuery connection. Use the SET ACCOUNT button to connect your BigQuery project and select a suitable dataset.

Google bigquery settings in octoboard

BigQuery data export is configured separately for every organisation (client) in your Octoboard account.

PPC Data Analytics streams in BigQuery database

Once you have created the new BigQuery connection in Octoboard, you can access the data. The following image shows key tables in your Google BigQuery project:

Google bigquery data view

Octoboard will export every Standard, Custom and Combined data stream to a separate table. As you enable or disable individual streams in Octoboard, the BigQuery project will be automatically updated - new tables will be added or removed.

These are the main tables of every database:

  • Standard Stream Tables - contains standard streams data (data processed by the Octoboard ETL and rules logic)
  • Custom Stream Table - same as above but for custom streams
  • Dictionary - a special table (one for every BigQuery projet) that contains the additional information for every data source and stream in the data warehouse.

As you enable or disable individual streams in Octoboard, the BigQuery project will be automatically updated: stream tables, and dictionary tables will be added, removed or modified.

You can “join” Dictionary and Streams using octoDataSourceId and retrieve additional information about every exported data stream in your BigQuery project such as loginName, accountName, accountCurrency and others.

The following image shows dictionary table fields. The dictionary table is updated every time a new source or stream is added or deleted in Octoboard:

Dictionary table data fields

In addition to the Google BigQuery data export feature covered in this Knowledge Base topic, you can use the following data destinations to access Octoboard data: