PPC Data Analytics pricing

How is PPC Data Analytics priced?

PPC Data Analytics is priced based on the total advertising spend found in active data streams. Octoboard looks at all data streams across all data sources and Octoboard organisations (clients and teams) processed in the last 30 days.
Ppc analytics pricing details

If the advertising budget in Euros is higher than what is allowed in your subscription, the data widgets will start displaying the “Upgrade required” message. You can address this by either managing the amount of processed data (by disconnecting data streams) or by upgrading your subscription.

Important: PPC Data Analytics streams are visible within specific organisations (clients). If you want to display data to several organisations in your account, you will need to connect data streams multiple times. Every data stream in every oganisation (client) counts towards your subscription quota (total amount of paid advertising spend).

To check your current usage, click the VIEW DETAILS button next to the PPC Analytics price in the Subscriptions panel.

Ppc data pricing details button

The following image shows the total spend and paid advertising cost values for all active data streams:

Ppc data usage details