Currency Conversion In Ppc Data Analytics

How to change the presentation currency in PPC Data Analytics

When you connect a PPC data source such as Google Ads or Bing Ads, our platform identifies its original (source) currency. Since you can connect different data sources and combine data in multi-channel data streams, we need a currency conversion mechanism to present total financial values in the same output (presentation) currency. Octoboard uses historical currency exchange rates to convert values of financial metrics to the presentation currency.

The presentation currency can be modified at any time. The change of the presentation currency would trigger the recalculation of financial values in all data streams in the selected client (organisation).

To modify the presentation currency for your clients, use the Currency option in the left panel:

Changing currency in ppc data analytics

Octoboard maintains an internal table of historical exchange rates that covers 140 world currencies and spans over 10 years. The Octoboard exchange rate table is updated every hour using official currency exchange rates sourced from commercial sources and banks around the world.

The PPC presentation currency parameter affects all data visualisations and data exports in the PPC analytics module. When you modify the presentation currency, Octoboard will recalculate your paid advertising financial metrics (cost, CPC, CPM, ROAS and others) using accurate daily currency exchange rates. You will see the changes in your widgets, in data warehouse tables and in Google Data Studio datasets.

If you are using Google Data Studio, please refresh your Octoboard GDS connection to see the changes.

Currency changes made in the PPC Analytics module do not affect the currency visualisation in the Octoboard core products (non-PPC Analytics dashboards and reports). How to change currency visualisation in the core products is covered in this tutorial.