Looker Studio connector for E-commerce

Looker Studio connector for E-commerce

What is E-commerce Suite?

Octoboard E-commerce Suite is an optional data add-on for Stripe accounts and WooCommerce stores. It allows Octoboard clients to receive real-time data and events from e-commerce systems and display sales data, product and customer analytics in dashboards, automated reports, client portals. In addition, the E-commerce Suite offers automated AI insights and data connectors for Looker Studio.

E-commerce Suite supports multi-store analytics for Stripe and WooCommerce and can report sales figures in over 140 world currencies.
Octoboard looker studio connector for ecommerce suite

E-commerce Suite comes with a Looker Studio connector that would allow you to view data insights and metrics from multiple stores in a selected currency.

Before you connect to Looker Studio

We recommend connecting E-commerce Suite to your WooCommerce stores or Stripe accounts in Octoboard first.

E-commerce Suite to Looker Studio connector is part of the Octoboard for Agencies product.

Please make sure you select the correct URL to log into the Octoboard for Agencies in order to use the Looker Studio connector

Once you have connected Stripe or WooCommerce and Octoboard has synchronised your store data, you will see the data in Looker Studio.

Ecommerce suite overview

For more details on how to configure E-commerce Suite, please read this E-commerce Suite tutorial.

Once you have connected your stores, you can create a Looker Studio connection.

How to configure Looker Studio connector

Start from locating Octoboard Ecommerce Suite connector in Looker Studio.

Google data studio octoboard ecommerce connection

Then proceed to authorisation with Octoboard. You will be asked to log into your Octoboard account.

Currently Looker Studio connector is only available in the Octoboard for Agencies product.

Once you have authorised with Octoboard, the platform will verify if your Google account email address is known to Octoboard account that you are trying to access. If your Google email address is not known, you will receive a notification from the system saying that "Provided email address is not known to the selected Octoboard account":

Google data studio connection error email unknown

If you receive this message, you will need to make sure you add your email address to the list of members of any Octoboard organisation (client) in your Octoboard account. For more details on how to invite a team member to Octoboard, please visit this tutorial.

E-commerce Suite to Looker Studio connector is part of the Octoboard for Agencies product.

Please make sure you select the correct URL to log into the Octoboard for Agencies. E-commerce Suite add-on is not yet part of the Octoboard for Business product.

Once your email address and access key are validated, you will be asked to enter the following parameters:

  • Organisation in your Octoboard account: you can access data of one Octoboard organisation (client) at a time. Use this parameter to select the organisation you would like to access.
  • Presentation currency: since we will be combining data from multiple online stores or accounts, we will need to select the presentation currency. Octoboard will use daily foreign exchange rates to automatically calculate correct values in the selected currency.
Google data studio ecommerce parameters

After this step, you will be presented with the list of fields available in the Octoboard E-commerce Suite.

Google data studio ecommerce fields

And finally, you can select our default E-commerce Looker Studio template that will display your key sales performance metrics with filters by store, country and other parameters.

If you have not finished synchronising your stores data in Octoboard yet, you will see the "No data" message in the report:

Google data studio empty ecommerce report

Once data resynchronisation is complete, you will be presented with data from selected or all data stores displayed in the selected presentation currency:

Google data studio octoboard ecommerce report

Why can I not see Ecommerce Suite option in my app?

Ecommerce Suite is an optional data add-on and it can be hidden from the interface if not used.

Google data studio access key in octoboard ecommerce suite

If you can not see E-commerce Suite in the left panel of Octoboard application, this means it is hidden from the list of active add-ons. Use Left panel > Configuration > Add-ons to make E-commerce Suite visible again. The following image shows how to locate the option:

How to configure addon visibility in octoboard

For more details on enabling E-commerce Suite in Octoboard, please check our tutorial on configuring E-commerce Suite in Octoboard.