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Build automated marketing reports for your analytics teams and clients using Magento data.

Automate Magento reports and dashboards
Connect Magento data and create automated reports and dashboards
Automated marketing reports
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Automated Magento reporting
Automated reporting
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ChatGPT data insights
Automated marketing reports

Automate Magento reports and dashboards

Connect Magento data and create automated reports and dashboards

Multi-channel templates for Magento

We created over 300 professional reports for you to use. Modify Magento data reports or create new reports from scratch.

Automated marketing reports
Seo client reporting templates for agencies

Build Magento reports quickly — Use our templates

No need to study all Magento metrics or build reports from scratch. We have created over 350 templates for your dashboards and reports for you to choose from.
You can also create custom Magento reports or modify any of the existing templates.

Seo client reporting templates for agencies
Octoboard business cloud data dashboards for churn reduction

Showcase your Magento data

Show how hard you work for your clients. Create Magento graphs and metrics that demonstrate positive historical changes and results.

Compare historical Magento KPI changes and prove ROI to any business with regular and automated reporting.

Octoboard business cloud data dashboards for churn reduction
White label client portal

Enable white label client portal

Create and host white label client portal on your website using Magento data. Use our library of templates, place your logo and send automated reports in seconds.

Share data view links

Create public and private Magento dashboards and reports. Embed data views into any page of your website. Setup is very easy and does not require IT support.

White label client portal
Automated cloud data insights

Use OpenAI and ChatGPT to indentify Magento data trends

Octoboard will constantly monitor Magento data changes for you. We use ChatGPT and OpenAI to identify Magento trends and send regular updates.

Connect once and enable our AI engine

We employ our own machine learning algorithms to automatically discover Magento trends that you may miss. Connect to your Magento data and receive insights in your Email box.

Automated cloud data insights


Magento real-time analytics

Octoboard data dashboard: Magento sales and orders real time dashboard

Magento Integration: Building Automated Magento PPC Analytics Reports Using Octoboard

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, efficiency and data-driven decisions are paramount. This is particularly true for marketing teams utilizing Magento for e-commerce. They need tools that not only gather data but also present it in an actionable and understandable manner. Enter Octoboard, a platform that transforms Magento data into insightful PPC analytics reports.

Understanding Magento Data Metrics

Magento, as a robust e-commerce platform, provides a wealth of data metrics crucial for evaluating the success of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns. Let’s delve into how these specific metrics can be vital for marketing teams:

  • Magento Overview:
  • This gives a snapshot of overall performance, helping marketers quickly gauge the health of their PPC efforts.
  • Magento Cost Overview:
  • Understanding costs is key to managing budget efficiently and ensuring a good return on investment (ROI).
  • Magento Campaign Performance:
  • Detailed insights into each campaign allow teams to see what’s working and what’s not, enabling swift adjustments.
  • Magento Adgroup Performance:
  • This breaks down campaign performance to the ad group level, offering granular insights for optimization.
  • Magento CPM (Cost Per Mille):
  • Knowing the cost per thousand impressions aids in evaluating brand awareness campaigns.
  • Magento CPA (Cost Per Acquisition):
  • A critical metric for understanding the cost associated with acquiring a new customer.
  • Magento Revenue:
  • The ultimate measure of success, this shows the direct financial impact of PPC campaigns.
  • Magento ROAS (Return on Ad Spend):
  • This ratio indicates the effectiveness of ad spend in generating revenue.

Monitor your ad spend budget, save costs and increase your paid advertising ROI with Octoboard.

Automating PPC Analytics Reports with Octoboard

Octoboard’s integration with Magento takes these metrics and automates the reporting process. Marketing teams can save hundreds of hours annually, which were previously spent on manual data compilation and report generation. This automation facilitates regular updates, be it weekly or monthly, ensuring that teams and management stay informed about the PPC analytics performance without any hassle.

Centralizing PPC Analytics Reporting

In the world of digital marketing, diversifying ad spend across multiple channels is common. However, this can lead to scattered data, making it challenging to get a unified view of PPC performance. Octoboard addresses this challenge by aggregating PPC analytics from various channels into a single, cohesive dashboard. This centralization is crucial for several reasons:

  • Efficiency:
  • Saves time and effort spent in collating data from different sources.
  • Consistency:
  • Ensures uniformity in data presentation, making it easier to draw comparisons and insights.
  • Comprehensive Analysis:
  • Offers a holistic view of PPC efforts across all channels, aiding in more informed decision-making.

Save time by automating your reports, grow revenue and retain customers with Octoboard.

Advanced PPC Analytics Customization with Octoboard

Octoboard’s advanced PPC Analytics module is a game-changer for marketing agencies. It allows the creation of custom metrics, dimensions, and the use of advanced formulas. This flexibility means agencies can tailor their reports to specific client needs, whether it’s across different PPC channels, locations, or currencies. Such customization is invaluable in delivering nuanced and client-specific insights.

Automating Data Trend Detection with Octoboard

The ability to detect and analyze trends in PPC data is crucial for staying ahead in marketing. Octoboard’s integration with OpenAI enhances this capability. The platform’s automated data insights feature leverages AI to identify significant trends and patterns in Magento data. This proactive approach to data analysis helps marketing teams and agencies to:

  • Monitor Performance:
  • Quickly identify shifts in campaign performance and adjust strategies accordingly.
  • Stay Proactive:
  • Anticipate market changes or consumer behaviors by recognizing emerging trends.
  • Ensure Accuracy:
  • AI-driven insights reduce the risk of human error in data analysis, leading to more reliable decision-making.

Automate all your marketing reports and use our free Open AI connection to capture new data trends with Octoboard.

Enhancing Data Accessibility with Google Sheets Integration

The Google Sheets data export feature by Octoboard is another noteworthy functionality. With the Google Sheets data add-on, marketing teams can seamlessly send Magento data to Google Sheets. This integration is beneficial because:

  • Flexibility:
  • Google Sheets is a widely used tool, and having data in this format allows for easy sharing and collaboration.
  • Custom Reporting:
  • Teams can further manipulate the data in Sheets to create custom reports or conduct additional analyses.
  • Accessibility:
  • Google Sheets enhances data accessibility, as stakeholders can view and interact with the data anytime, anywhere.


In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, having the right tools to efficiently gather, analyze, and report data is essential. Octoboard’s integration with Magento for PPC analytics reporting represents a significant advancement in this regard. By automating the process of data gathering and report generation, providing advanced customization options, and enhancing data accessibility and trend detection, Octoboard enables marketing teams and agencies to focus more on strategy and less on manual tasks. The result is a more efficient, data-driven approach to PPC marketing that can drive better results and higher ROI.

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