Best automated Yelp reports for marketing teams

Build automated marketing reports for your analytics teams and clients using Yelp data.

Automate Yelp reports and dashboards
Connect Yelp data and create automated reports and dashboards
Automated marketing reports
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Automated Yelp reporting
Automated reporting
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ChatGPT data insights
Automated marketing reports

Automate Yelp reports and dashboards

Connect Yelp data and create automated reports and dashboards

Multi-channel templates for Yelp

We created over 300 professional reports for you to use. Modify Yelp data reports or create new reports from scratch.

Automated marketing reports
Seo client reporting templates for agencies

Build Yelp reports quickly — Use our templates

No need to study all Yelp metrics or build reports from scratch. We have created over 350 templates for your dashboards and reports for you to choose from.
You can also create custom Yelp reports or modify any of the existing templates.

Seo client reporting templates for agencies
Octoboard business cloud data dashboards for churn reduction

Showcase your Yelp data

Show how hard you work for your clients. Create Yelp graphs and metrics that demonstrate positive historical changes and results.

Compare historical Yelp KPI changes and prove ROI to any business with regular and automated reporting.

Octoboard business cloud data dashboards for churn reduction
White label client portal

Enable white label client portal

Create and host white label client portal on your website using Yelp data. Use our library of templates, place your logo and send automated reports in seconds.

Share data view links

Create public and private Yelp dashboards and reports. Embed data views into any page of your website. Setup is very easy and does not require IT support.

White label client portal
Automated cloud data insights

Use OpenAI and ChatGPT to indentify Yelp data trends

Octoboard will constantly monitor Yelp data changes for you. We use ChatGPT and OpenAI to identify Yelp trends and send regular updates.

Connect once and enable our AI engine

We employ our own machine learning algorithms to automatically discover Yelp trends that you may miss. Connect to your Yelp data and receive insights in your Email box.

Automated cloud data insights


Yelp reviews and rankings.

Octoboard data dashboard: Yelp online dashboard


In the dynamic world of digital marketing, data analytics plays a crucial role in shaping strategies and demonstrating the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. With the increasing significance of online reviews and ratings, platforms like Yelp have become vital for businesses looking to gauge customer sentiment and manage their online reputation. In this context, leveraging Yelp data to create comprehensive Marketing Analytics dashboards and reports is essential for marketing teams. This blog post explores how the integration of Yelp data with Octoboard’s analytics platform can revolutionize the way marketing analytics are approached, particularly in automating Yelp Marketing Analytics reports.

Understanding Yelp Metrics: Reviews, Feed, and Rating

Yelp provides a wealth of data metrics, including Yelp Reviews, Yelp Feed, and Yelp Rating, each offering unique insights:

  • Yelp Reviews: They reflect customer feedback and experiences, providing valuable insights into service quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Yelp Feed: This encompasses recent activities, updates, and interactions on a business’s Yelp page, offering a real-time view of customer engagement.
  • Yelp Rating: A composite score based on customer reviews, it serves as a barometer of overall customer perception and reputation.

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For marketing teams, these metrics are more than just numbers; they represent the voice of the customer and are crucial in shaping and adjusting marketing strategies.

Automating Reports with Octoboard

The power of Octoboard lies in its ability to automate the generation of Marketing Analytics reports, transforming how marketing teams operate. Automating Yelp reports and scheduling them for weekly or monthly distribution to teams or management provides a consistent and efficient way to track marketing efforts. This automation saves hundreds of hours that would otherwise be spent on manual data compilation, allowing marketing professionals to focus on strategic decision-making and performance improvement.

Centralizing Marketing Analytics

Octoboard’s platform is adept at bringing together various Marketing Analytics channels into one unified reporting system. This centralization is vital for several reasons:

  • Comprehensive Overview: It provides a holistic view of marketing efforts across different platforms and campaigns.
  • Efficiency: Reduces the time and effort required to gather and compare data from multiple sources.
  • Consistency: Ensures uniformity in data presentation, making it easier to track progress and identify trends.

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This unified approach to Marketing Analytics is particularly beneficial in today’s multi-channel marketing environment, where businesses engage with customers across various digital platforms.

Advanced PPC Analytics with Octoboard

For marketing agencies, the advanced PPC Analytics module offered by Octoboard is a game-changer. This feature allows the creation of custom metrics, dimensions, and the application of advanced formulas to transform PPC data across different channels, locations, and currencies. The value of this feature lies in its ability to provide tailored, deep insights into PPC campaigns, empowering agencies to make data-driven decisions. Learn more about this powerful module at Octoboard PPC Analytics.

Automated Data Insights with OpenAI Integration

The integration of OpenAI with Octoboard for automated data trend monitoring is a significant leap forward in data analytics. By using this feature, marketing teams can:

  • Identify Emerging Trends: Quickly detect shifts in customer sentiment and market dynamics.
  • Monitor Marketing Progress: Continuously track the effectiveness of marketing strategies.
  • Make Informed Decisions: Use AI-driven insights to adapt marketing tactics responsively.

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This automated trend detection ensures that marketing agencies and teams are not just collecting data but are actively interpreting and responding to it. Explore how Octoboard harnesses OpenAI for automated insights at Octoboard Generated ChatGPT/OpenAI.

Google Sheets Integration for Enhanced Data Management

Octoboard’s Google Sheets data export feature adds another layer of convenience and versatility. By exporting Yelp data to Google Sheets, marketing teams can:

  • Customize Data Analysis: Utilize the flexible and familiar environment of Google Sheets to tailor data analysis according to specific needs.
  • Collaboration: Share and collaborate on data with team members in real-time, enhancing team coordination and decision-making.
  • Archive and Report: Maintain records of historical data for long-term analysis and reporting purposes.

This feature essentially bridges the gap between data collection and data utilization, making it a vital tool for teams relying on Yelp data. Discover more about this functionality at Octoboard Google Sheets Add-on.


In today’s data-driven marketing landscape, the integration of Yelp data with advanced analytics platforms like Octoboard is not just a convenience; it’s a necessity. By automating report generation, centralizing marketing analytics, offering advanced PPC analytics, integrating AI for trend detection, and providing flexible data export options, Octoboard transforms how marketing teams interact with data. This approach not only saves time but also provides deeper insights, leading to more informed decisions and ultimately, better marketing outcomes. In a world where data is king, Octoboard ensures that marketing teams are fully equipped to ascend to the throne of data-driven success.

Our platform can display reviews for any business available through Yelp. To retrieve data for a business, enter business ID. It can be found in Yelp URL. For example for Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, enter "guinness-storehouse-dublin" as your business ID that you can see in the following URL: https://www.yelp.com/biz/guinness-storehouse-dublin.
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