How to using Octoboard platform to add Moz Ranking results to marketing reports

Moz Domain Ranking can be added easily to your marketing dashboards and reports by using Octoboard Moz integration.

Automate Moz reports and dashboards
Connect Moz data and create automated reports and dashboards
Automated marketing reports
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Automated Moz reporting
Automated reporting
Keyword rank tracker
Send data to Google Sheets
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White label client portal
Send data to BigQuery
ChatGPT data insights
Automated marketing reports

Automate Moz reports and dashboards

Connect Moz data and create automated reports and dashboards

Multi-channel templates for Moz

We created over 300 professional reports for you to use. Modify Moz data reports or create new reports from scratch.

Automated marketing reports
Seo client reporting templates for agencies

Build Moz reports quickly — Use our templates

No need to study all Moz metrics or build reports from scratch. We have created over 350 templates for your dashboards and reports for you to choose from.
You can also create custom Moz reports or modify any of the existing templates.

Seo client reporting templates for agencies
Octoboard business cloud data dashboards for churn reduction

Showcase your Moz data

Show how hard you work for your clients. Create Moz graphs and metrics that demonstrate positive historical changes and results.

Compare historical Moz KPI changes and prove ROI to any business with regular and automated reporting.

Octoboard business cloud data dashboards for churn reduction
White label client portal

Enable white label client portal

Create and host white label client portal on your website using Moz data. Use our library of templates, place your logo and send automated reports in seconds.

Share data view links

Create public and private Moz dashboards and reports. Embed data views into any page of your website. Setup is very easy and does not require IT support.

White label client portal
Automated cloud data insights

Use OpenAI and ChatGPT to indentify Moz data trends

Octoboard will constantly monitor Moz data changes for you. We use ChatGPT and OpenAI to identify Moz trends and send regular updates.

Connect once and enable our AI engine

We employ our own machine learning algorithms to automatically discover Moz trends that you may miss. Connect to your Moz data and receive insights in your Email box.

Automated cloud data insights


SEO and domain rankings from Moz for Bloggers and online businesses.

Octoboard data dashboard: Moz application dashboard
Moz Integration: Building Automated Moz Domain Ranking Reports Using Octoboard

Understanding Moz Metrics: MozRank and Domain Authority

In the world of digital marketing, data is king. Moz, a leader in SEO software, offers critical metrics like MozRank and Domain Authority that are essential for understanding a website's performance in search engine rankings. MozRank reflects the link popularity score of a website, essentially measuring the quality and quantity of links pointing to a site. Domain Authority, on the other hand, predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). These metrics are invaluable for marketing teams as they provide concrete data to showcase the impact of their SEO strategies to clients.

Automating Reports: The Time-Saving Magic of Octoboard

Build marketing reports and keep track of your SEO and keywords rankings with Octoboard.

Manually compiling these metrics into reports can be a tedious and time-consuming task. This is where Octoboard comes into play. By integrating Moz data, Octoboard automates the generation of Domain Ranking reports. Imagine the convenience of having weekly or monthly reports prepared automatically, showcasing the progress of SEO efforts without the need to manually gather and analyze data. This automation not only saves hundreds of hours but also ensures that reports are accurate and timely, allowing marketing teams to focus more on strategy and less on administrative tasks.

Comprehensive Domain Ranking Reporting in One Place

One of the challenges in digital marketing reporting is the fragmentation of data across multiple channels. Octoboard addresses this by consolidating all Domain Ranking metrics in one place. This integration is crucial for several reasons:

  • It provides a holistic view of SEO performance across different domains.
  • It enables easy comparison of metrics, helping in identifying trends and areas that need attention.
  • It simplifies reporting, making it more efficient and less prone to errors.
  • It enhances the ability to make informed decisions quickly, based on comprehensive data.

Build marketing reports and keep track of your SEO and keywords rankings with Octoboard.

This comprehensive approach to Domain Ranking reporting is not just a convenience; it's a strategic advantage.

Advanced PPC Analytics: Tailoring Reports for Diverse Needs

The advanced PPC Analytics module offered by Octoboard takes reporting to another level. This feature is particularly beneficial for marketing agencies managing multiple campaigns across various platforms. The ability to build new metrics, work with different dimensions, and apply advanced formulas enables agencies to customize reports based on specific client needs. Agencies can also handle data across different locations and currencies, making the tool extremely versatile for global campaigns. This level of customization and flexibility is essential for agencies looking to provide tailored, insightful reports to their clients.

Automated Data Detection and Insights: Staying Ahead with OpenAI

In today's fast-paced digital environment, staying ahead of trends is crucial. Octoboard's feature for automated data detection and OpenAI-generated insights is a game-changer. By analyzing Moz data trends, this feature provides real-time insights that help marketing teams and agencies stay on top of their SEO game. It enables them to:

  • Quickly identify emerging trends in Domain Rankings and adjust strategies accordingly.
  • Understand the impact of their SEO efforts in real-time.
  • Make data-driven decisions that keep their clients' websites ahead in the competitive landscape.

Automate all your marketing reports. Save time and retain clients with Octoboard.

This proactive approach to data analysis and trend detection ensures that marketing strategies are always aligned with the current digital landscape.

Google Sheets Data Export: Streamlining Data Management

The integration of Moz data with Google Sheets via Octoboard's Google Sheets data add-on is another feature that enhances the efficiency of handling SEO data. This allows teams to export Moz data directly into Google Sheets, facilitating:

  • Easy data manipulation and further analysis using familiar Google Sheets tools.
  • Sharing and collaboration on data with team members or clients in a versatile format.
  • Custom report creation using Google Sheets' powerful functionalities.

Save time by automating your reports, grow revenue and retain customers with Octoboard.

This feature is particularly useful for teams that prefer working with spreadsheets or require additional data processing beyond what is available in standard reports.


In sum, Octoboard's integration with Moz data is transforming how marketing teams and agencies approach Domain Ranking reporting. By automating the process, providing comprehensive analytics, enabling advanced customization, offering cutting-edge trend detection, and streamlining data management with Google Sheets, Octoboard is not just a tool but a strategic partner in the journey towards digital marketing excellence. Whether for internal monitoring or showcasing results to clients, Octoboard equipped with Moz data ensures that every aspect of Domain Ranking is tracked, analyzed, and reported efficiently, driving smarter, data-driven decisions in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.
It is possible to configure Moz dashboard to report on any domain. Make sure you specify domain in widget configuration panel.
To log into Moz, visit https://moz.com/products/api/keys and click "Manage Mozscape API key". Copy and paste "Access ID" and "Access Key".
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Automated data reports enabled by Octoboard software

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View your performance in SEO ranking and Google News.

Moz metrics


Domain MozRank.
MozRank is a number from 1 (low) to 10 (high)

MozRank quantifies link popularity and is Moz’s version of Google’s classic PageRank algorithm. Pages earn MozRank based on the other pages on the web that link to them and the MozRank of those linking pages.


Authority for domain.
Domain Authority (DA) is a score developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERP). Domain Authority scores range from one to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank.

DA can then be used when comparing one site to another or tracking the "ranking strength" of a website over time.


Number of backlinks for domain.
Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage. When a web page links to any other page, it's called a backlink.


Number of external links for domain.
External Links are hyperlinks that point at (target) any domain other than the domain the link exists on (source). If another website links to you, this is considered an external link to your site.
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