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All social networks in one place

One beautiful dashboard with real-time comments, likes, tweets and more.

More likes with less logins

Connect and watch your popularity grow across all social networks.

Improve your Social Score

Find our what your friends and followers like, get your social score and become even more popular.
This is a beautiful app. I posted my Facebook and Instagram graphs and my friends were stunned. Hundreds of likes from them and a big hug from me.
Kate, London
Octoboard graphs told me what people really like to read. People now talk a lot more about my photos and posts.
Mike, Paris
Wow, all these cool maps to share in just 5 minutes. My friends now think I am a social network guru. Super cool.
Jane, New York
Very nice service. I got tired of constantly checking FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE. No more logins. More photos, videos, shares and MORE LIKES!
Leo, Barcelona
Beauty! So easy to use. Free!!! I posted my facebook dashboard and all of my friends loved it. I am an influencer now! Thank you guys.
Helen, Seattle
Finally! Free dashboard that’s easy to use. Greetings from Australia!
John, Sidney
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