How to improve your MailChimp email marketing campaign - top metrics to use

Try out Octoboard's free dashboard and templates to improve MailChimp email marketing campaign using visualised all-in-one-place metrics.
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OCTOBOARD: MailChimp metrics

How to improve your MailChimp email marketing campaign - top metrics to use

A marketer’s job is a lot about numbers. Numbers turn into insights which give highly valuable information on the marketing campaign performance. This information is the core of marketing. That is why ignoring it or not using it can result in a very disappointing outcome. Octoboard makes getting and, more importantly, using information, or metrics, easy for any marketer, small business or brand.

Today, we are happy to announce that a Dashboard for your MailChimp email marketing campaign is now released!

As we know, email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels. It can reach thousands of people at once with relatively low costs. Now let’s focus on measuring the performance of your MailChimp email marketing campaign.

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Why do you have to monitor metrics?

Analytics gives a great opportunity to track metrics in order to work out which parts of your campaign actually work and which don’t. Monitoring this data is crucial for your marketing campaign because you build your whole marketing strategy on it. However, it can sometimes be rather difficult to make sense of all the data, especially if you have just launched your very first email marketing campaign. Octoboard can help you with visualising and presenting the data. All the needed metrics from MailChimp and other email marketing platforms such as ConstantContact, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse and others in one place and for free!

MailChimp email marketing campaign

Why use Octoboard?

  • Octoboard provides you with all the data presented in one beautiful template. You can build it yourself, including all the data you need for all the email marketing platforms you use or use one of our pre-built templates).
  • It saves your time as you don’t have to log into different services anymore. All the metrics are in one template.
  • You don’t have to struggle through difficult analytics provided by different services. Octoboard presents your metrics in a user-friendly way. No need to be afraid of numbers anymore!
  • Last but not least - Octoboard is free!
MailChimp email marketing campaign

And finally, the most important question today is...

What metrics to look at?

  • Performance - use this metric in order to see how many emails in your campaign has been sent, opened, clicked or bounced, and how many unsubs occurred.
  • Performance over time - this metric tracks performance (sent, opened and clicked emails) over a period of time.
  • Campaign engagement metric includes email open rate (the number of unique email opens relative to the total number of sent emails in your campaign) and email click rate (the number of user click on email campaign links relative to the total number of sent emails in your campaign).
  • Reach - use this metric to see how many emails you have sent in your campaigns.
  • Subscribers metric displays a total number of contacts in all your lists or one selected list.
  • Bounce and unsubscribe rates are the metrics that Octoboard tracks over time for your recent campaigns.
  • Bounce Rate is the rate of bounced emails relative to the total number of sent emails in the campaign.
  • Unsubs Rate is the rate of email unsubs relative to the total number of sent emails in the campaign.
  • Bounces metric shows how many emails bounced in the last 10 campaigns or one selected campaign.
  • Unsubscribes - use this metric to see how many contacts unsubscribed from your campaigns.

Octoboard dashboard for MailChimp is here.

Now all you have to do is to set up our FREE dashboard in just 1 minute and have all your metrics to dramatically improve your MailChimp email marketing campaign.

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