No-code Marketing and Ecommerce Analytics

Use your cloud data to increase revenue, optimize online advertising, convert and retain customers.

Marketing and Ecommerce data analysis and reporting
Use Octoboard to build analytics reports, track keyword ranking, create client portals, optimize ad spend and increase revenue through customer engagement.
Octoboard marketing cloud data hub
Business features include
Marketing data analytics
Advanced customer analytics
Customer segmentation
Paid advertising analytics
Open AI data insights
Keyword rank tracker
B2B lead generation
Send data to Google Sheets
Octoboard dashboards and reports

For Marketing teams & Agencies

  • Real-time marketing dashboards
  • Automated SEO, PPC, SEM reports
  • White label client portals and reporting
  • Lead generation features
  • Keyword analytics and embedded SEO audits

Octoboard dashboards and reports
Export marketing data with octoboard

For PPC Data Analytics teams

  • Advanced PPC data analytics
  • Cross-channel PPC reporting
  • Custom data transformations
  • BigQuery, Looker, Google Sheets exports
  • Secure data warehouse access

Export marketing data with octoboard
Octoboard ecommerce suite

For SaaS and E-commerce

  • Customer and product analytics
  • Customer segmentation and engagement
  • Email marketing campaigns and automations
  • Stripe, WooCommerce and Shopify analytics

Octoboard ecommerce suite