How to create a LinkedIn data Marketing Agency client report

How to add LinkedIn data to Marketing Agency client reports

LinkedIn is one of the largest Social Media platform for professionals. LinkedIn is used by some 65 million professionals all over the world and it is a great resource to promote products and services to highly targeted audiences. Marketing agencies use LinkedIn data extensively. Clients of marketing agencies look for insights and reports on how effective LinkedIn campaigns are and if LinkedIn ROI justifies ad spend.

We at Octoboard have recently become Marketing Partners with LinkedIn. This allows us to collect a lot of useful data on ad campaigns and user engagement. We are now analyzing LinkedIn marketing data and building new integrations for our 2000+ clients.

This post shows how to collect non-ad related LinkedIn data and easily share it in your business data dashboard or with clients via automated reports.

LinkedIn data

LinkedIn provides statistics on the users’ profiles and company pages. Octoboard collects this data and allows you to have it at hand all the time and combine it with other Social Media, web analytics and finance metrics.

Why put your Business Performance data in a dashboard? Well, first of all, it saves you a lot of time as you don’t have to switch between different platforms and collect data from different sources. With Octoboard, you setup your data collection just once. One dashboards are setup, the rest is handled automatically by Octoboard – including data updates and scheduled report sharing with your teams and clients!

Now let’s see what metrics you can monitor and report on.

LinkedIn data to monitor

We have divided all the LinkedIn metrics into 4 groups. Pick any combination of the following metrics to suit your and your clients’ needs:

Post popularity

LinkedIn data popularity

Content reach

LinkedIn data reach


LinkedIn data engagement

Follower analysis

LinkedIn data audience

LinkedIn Engagement template

LinkedIn data engagement template

This template easily transforms into a Marketing Agency client report which can be scheduled for distribution to your clients.

All of the dashboards above are illustrations of how you can combine different metrics to get access to the data you need. Remember, everything is configurable. There are over 200 data point visualizations to choose from in Octoboard. If you do not see something you need, you will find it in our metrics’ portfolio.