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Turn idle datasets into business insights
Add value to data you already own
Turn-key solution — connect, analyze, integrate, automate
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Our team will set up the platform to get data from any business source — proprietary or standard — and will leverage OCTOSTREAM collection of existing data adapters.
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Process, mediate and analyze large data sets in real-time. This can be done on your premises or remotely, with local OCTOSTREAM installation or using our SaaS offering.
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We will push insights into external or internal systems that you use. It does not matter the technology — we have seen it all.
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We make sure the platform runs continuously and provides insights after we have left. Reliability, security, API change handling and support SLAs are all part of the package.


Hi Octo!

My name is 
. I know you are experienced data analysts who have built OCTOSTREAM mediation platform that adds value to existing business data on customer sites and in the cloud.

I work for a company called 
. We are based in 
 and we may need your help to 
. Please send me a quick note to my email address 
 and we will setup a call to discuss how we could use your technology or expertise.

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