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What products do you offer?
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What subscription or plan is best for me?
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How to connect my first app?
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Can I create multiple clients in Octoboard?
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Do you support multiple user groups?
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How to share data with clients and internal teams?
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How to set up automated data insights?
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How to send data insights to company Slack channel?
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How to receive automated insights by email?
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April release - Keyword limits increased to 300 per client

SEO Keyword limits for TEAM plans increased to 300 per client (4500 keywords for our Agency plan).

We released SEO Rank Tracker feature that will get you Google and Bing keywords rankings in multiple locations, in different languages and even track your top competitors!

Rank tracker positive trends feature

Octoboard SEO Rank tracker allows you to configure keywords and website domains for search engine results page (SERP) monitoring. Rank Tracker will monitor configured keywords and will distribute automated white label reports, build client portals and online dashboards for multiple websites of your business, clients and competitors.

Check out this tutorial on How to set up your SEO Keywords Analytics Report in Octoboard.

March release - new Yelp integration and Analytics events

We integrated with Yelp. You can display ratings and latest reviews for any business that uses Yelp platform - no login to Yelp required. To retrieve reviews and ratings for a business, enter business ID in the report or widget configuration. Business ID can be found in a business URL on Yelp. For example, for Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, enter "guinness-storehouse-dublin" as your business ID that you can see in the following URL: https://www.yelp.com/biz/guinness-storehouse-dublin.

Yelp online dashboard

Google Analytics Events have been added to our dashboards and reports. Look for Goals templates to locate our new Event widgets.

February release - language support in data templates

We have added support for 8 languages - Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Russian and Portuguese. All templates, widgets and all new interface elements are translated to target language automatically.

We now offer over 60 data integrations and 280 fully customisable templates for marketing agencies and online businesses.

Lead generation feature - SEO Audit forms

We released our new feature that helps businesses get more leads.

Octoboard embedded seo audit result

Embeddable SEO Audit feature from Octoboard is a web form for running free SEO audits and collecting leads. You can place Octoboard SEO Audit forms on any page of your website and convert visitors to customers. It works great for any online business as well as for marketing agencies who can install forms on client websites and charge for collected leads. This feature is offered as a free add-on to Octoboard customers.

Youtube Ads and Text filters for tables

We have added Video Ads (Youtube) to Octoboard Google Ads integration. To add metrics, select one of our new Youtube Ads templates. Text filters for table widgets have been added. To enable text filters, select VISUAL OPTIONS menu item (widgets' top-left corner).

Octoboard table text filters

May release deployed - SQL Databases, AdRoll

MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Amazon Redshift and Oracle are now supported by Octoboard. Use our SQL DB Tutorial to add database widgets - historical graphs, numeric widgets and pie charts.

Oracle sample widgets

AdRoll has also been added to the list of PPC supported platforms.

Zapier integration added

We have added real-time Zapier integration to Octoboard!

Zapier real time events in business dashboard

Zapier allows you to exchange data between hundreds of cloud applications in real time. When you connect your Zapier account to Octoboard, you can send live events from any of the 2000+ Zapier apps. You can send text and numeric values to real-time widgets in your online dashboards, client portals and directly to Octoboard reports."

March release - first real-time eCommerce application added

WooCommerce is the first release in the series of real-time eCommerce applications that we will be supporting this year. With Octoboard you can display WooCommerce orders live - they will be shown in dashboards as soon as clients place orders! Same for product reviews!

Try adding our real-time widgets to Office TV dashboards. Live sales dashboards are a great way to share every success in you business, see your every incoming purchase and motivate teams to achieve new goals!

Woocommerce sales and orders real time dashboard

This Knowledge Base post explains how to connect to WooCommerce API and enable real-time dashboards in Octoboard.

February release deployed

Setting up and managing Office TVs and wall monitors has become very easy with our new device management interface. A new set of dark and light themes have been added. We also added smooth transitions and updated our software to handle more devices. Give it a try!

Wall tv octoboard dashboard

New Year-on-Year and Quarter-on-Quarter comparisons have been added. You can now compare your performance to same periods last year and last quarter. Showcase your best work to your clients and demonstrate clear progress with new historical data comparisons!

Octoboard dashboard comparison yoy

We have added Custom Email Templates for your client email communication. You can now configure email notifications sent out to your clients - from email verifications, user invites to client reports - and customise standard email footers.

Accessing email configuration in octoboard

A selected group of Octoboard clients is now testing a beta release of email server configuration. You will soon be able to send emails from your own domains!

January release is available

Octoboard machine learning engine has been deployed to help you monitor data trends 24/7 and to send updates to team members and clients.

You can create "Positive News Feed" for all your clients and showcase your best work. Check out Octoboard Automatic Insights Tutorial to learn now to monitor and distribute data insights by email and via Slack.

For more details about our machine learning engine, please visit this link

Marketing data ai insights via slack

You can now drag-and-drop reports and dashboards, change their position on screen. Sequence of dashboards will affect what your clients will see first on a page with embedded Octoboard dashboards.

Drag and drop reports

New themes added for office TV display. Zendesk, ActiveCampaign, Stripe integrations are now real-time in Octoboard for Business product. You will see real-time tickets as they are raised in Zendesk, new purchases and transactions in Stripe and new subscriptions in ActiveCampaign. Setup your real-time dashboards, add our new themes to your Office TV displays and keep your teams constantly updated.

December release deployed

We added interface improvements. It is now super easy to configure colours for entire dashboards, reports and individual widgets. Use QUICK SWITCH in any widget to change graph type, titles and data calculations.

Octoboard widget configuration

Set your dashboards and reports colour in just one click. We created 16 colour palettes for you to use. Check it out by visiting our Online Demo Dashboard or read our Knowedge Base post on usind dashboard and report themes and colour palettes.

September release is now available

We are releasing a Beta version of our live dashboards. Real-time data events now received in seconds. Live feed data widgets - Real-time payments, Live Email Marketing Subscriptions and Live website traffic - are now available for Beta testing. We are inviting all Octoboard for Business clients to try real-time dashboards and live website traffic templates. After approximately a month of testing it will be released in Octoboard for Business product, starting from plan "TEAMS".

Octoboard real time business dashboard

User interface has been improved. Quick switch menu item will allow you to ...quickly change colour, widget title, mashups stacked graphs and visualisation types.

Octoboard mashup widget quick switch

Google Sheets can be imported in tabular format - select columns and rows to load and we will display Google Sheet table in your dashboards and reports.

Google sheets table import in online dashboard

Demo mode has been added to our product. Check out our latest demos at this URL: Online Demo Dashboard.

July release deployed

We have added multi-language SEO Audits and ability to add images and embed external web pages to dashboards and reports.

Here is an example of an embedded Hubspot main page:

Website embedded into business dashboard

Top use cases implemented by our clients (updated)

  • Get Extra Revenue – Build white label Client Portals
  • Create TV dashboards – Manage Office TV devices
  • Capture Leads – Host white label SEO Audits
  • Motivate Teams – Build Leaderboards
  • Update Investors - Report to and engage investors
  • Monitor Trends – Share Cloud Data Insights
  • Setup SaaS control centre – All SaaS revenue metrics
  • Cross-channel Analytics – PPC, SEO and Social sources
  • Automate client reporting – Save hours of work every day
  • Reduce Churn – Impress and retain your clients

June release deployed

Octoboard launched Multi-channel PPC and SEO reporting - you can now combine metrics from any platform in our mashup widgets. See the image below - it pulls data from 3 paid advertising platforms and shows the breakdown of costs - total PPC spend - in one graph tracked over time.

Faq cross channel ppc seo reporting for marketing agencies clients

May release features

We have added device management feature. You can send your TV Loops to any smart device in your office and control visualisation options from Octoboard directly.

Office tv device management


SEMrush Keywords and Competition analytics integration has been added.

Octoboard reports the following groups of metrics using SEMrush integration:

  • Number of keywords in top search positions
  • Keywords ranked by Position (Position, Volume, CPC)
  • Estimated traffic and visibility for selected Competitor domains
Semrush keywords dashboard for clients

April release features

We have added HubSpot and HubSpot CRM integrations. SEO Audits are now part of our product too. We will soon add white label options for hosting SEO Audits on your own website. It will be an excellent free lead generation tool for your business.

Seo audit report

Yext templates are now available in Beta. If your agency is using Yext - please let us know, we will provide you with the access details.

We have reviewed Web Analytics and Social integrations. A total of 215 new metrics and visualizations have been added. Templates have been updated to include new data.

Release 201901 dashboard ga

Google Analytics and Google Ads dashboards and reports now have many more widgets such as Channels metrics, Medium metrics, Campaign breakdowns. All include conversion rates. All Top Posts, Top Tweets and similar widgets now rank latest posts or post for selected timeframes. All Top Post rankings are based on client engagement.

Release 201901 gads

Facebook Ads templates include a lot more detailed tables and conversion details. We have added a template that covers Video ads performance (total plays, 2, 3, 30-second plays, average watch time and so on).

Release 201901 fbads

We have added ability to set multiple selection of Ad Campaigns and Ad Groups in PPC reports and dashboards.

Release 201901 multi select

Advanced comparison data and tables

We have added over 500 new parameters to report on in Google Analytics, Google Ads and other PPC platforms. If you set our "Comparison" switch to ON, you will get detailed breakdown of changes over time for Devices, Locations, Keywords, Search Queries, Paid Advertising campaigns, Conversions (Goals) and much much more.

Comparison data in analytics dashboards

As always, we do not want you to build dashboards or reports yourself - we took care of that! Octoboard templates have been updated with the new data for you. You can send reports and dashboards to your teams and clients using updated templates.

UX improvements

We have changed the way reports are managed. It should be easier to copy reports between clients. You do not need to create reports from scratch. Use our CLONE function. Select TOP-RIGHT menu and pick "CLONE" menu item.

Octoboard super menu

In the dialog that will appear, select destination client. By default dashboards and reports are copied to the same client (or team).

Using different currencies

When Octoboard connects to a cloud application it retrieves data in the currency that you use in that application. For example, if your Facebook Ads account is setup in British Pound (GBP), we will get all Spend, Cost Per Click and other metrics in British Pounds.

Since we do not know what currency is being used (we can not ask this information from Facebook), by default, we will display a dollar sign ($) next to financial metrics. However, you can always override this default value by specifying another currency in Octoboard.

How to configure currencies in Octoboard

To change currency symbol, go to LEFT MENU, select CLIENTS, choose your CLIENT, select “Formatting” tab and use available configurations as shown on this image:

Client config formats

Please note that this configuration is defined on a PER-CLIENT level. This means that if you have multiple clients operating in different currencies, you can always set different currency symbols for each individual client.

Show value changes as percentage

By default metrics in Octoboard display changes over time in absolute values. If you would like to see changes in relative terms you can configure this by going to your TEAM or CLIENT configuration and visiting "Formats" tab. There you can select "Percentage" or "Absolute values" as show on the image below:

Configuring data changes delta vs absolute values

This setting works for all widgets of the TEAM or CLIENT.