How To Fix Account Audit Results?

Review audit results in Octoboard for Agencies

Octoboard for Agencies platform periodically runs security and usage audits. During the audit the platform looks at every widgets used in reports and dashboards and calculates how many cloud applications are connected, how frequently connections are deleted and reconnected and if any connection thresholds are breached.

Octoboard for Agencies is charged based on the number of clients that your agency manages. Agency clients are businesses that you offer your services to. Each Agency client can have connections to all cloud applications that we support (Facebook, Google Ads, and over 60 others) but only one connection per app is allowed per client (for example, one Facebook Page per Agency client, one Google Analytics property per Agency client and so on). If you purchase a license for 15 clients, this means that you can have up to 15 Facebook client pages connected, as well as 15 Google Analytics properties, 15 Google Ads accounts, 15 Twitter accounts, and so on.

If during an audit, the system finds that your account uses more connections than the number of clients that you purchased, it will display a dialog that will list all connections and clients that use them (see image below). To address any issues highlighted by the audit, you can either remove widgets that use connections that you no longer need or you can upgrade your account (purchase additional clients).

Limit reached download button

To remove unused widgets, you can follow the process described in Knowledge Base post on how to manage the number of widgets, reports, dashboards and clients in Octoboard.

To help you find widget that use your connections, click "Download full list..." link shown on the image above. It will generate a text file that will list all connections and widgets and where to find them in your account.