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Twitter social media trends - activity, user engagement and competition monitoring.
Octoboard data dashboard: Twitter application dashboard
Use Octoboard to build a custom Twitter dashboard or start with our pre-built templates. Twitter offers overview of user activity and engagement. We have also grouped a number of metrics into templates that allow you to monitor your competition.

Twitter offers a powerful feature that allows you to track performance of another Twitter account (your competitor, for example). To start monitoring your competitor's activity, make sure you enter competitor name in the configuration panel of any Twitter widget.

Twitter limits the number of queries that you can make.

Please note that Twitter limits the number of queries that you can make. You are allowed up to 450 API calls per 15 minutes. To make sure you do not reach the limit we will retrieve data for up to 30 days while making less than 50 API calls per competitor. This is only relevant if you are trying to monitor too many large competitors at the same time. If the number of competitors is small and they are not mega brands such as Coca-Cola, you should never reach the maximum limit set by Twitter.
We suggest grouping Twitter metrics into the following categories:

  • Live tracking of your tweets
  • Twitter account popularity measurement
  • User engagement metrics
  • Competitor monitoring
To connect to Twitter, use your standard login. Octoboard only requires read-only access to your feed.

Our premium versions support multiple logins and teams. This could be very useful if you are managing multiple accounts or supporting several clients. Visit Octoboard pricing page) for more details.
Last reviewed: 13-Jul-17
Default data range: Last 90 days
Updates: Hourly for Octoboard Premium


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OCTOBOARD dashboards, templates and reports gallery: Twitter engagement template


Twitter engagement metrics - user actions and rates


Can I track my Twitter account popularity and audience feedback in real-time?
It is important to know when your audience reads and reacts to your content. Engage with your readers when you have their attention. The more timely and responsive you are the higher will be your overall engagement. For active social network users, it is important to be able to check feedback without the need to log in and out of accounts. This is where a dashboard that shows multiple networks becomes very useful.


Total number of followers, following and tweets per day.


Performance metrics over time: tweets, retweets and likes.


Your most recent tweets sorted by date (latest at the top).
We display your latest Tweets along with user actions. If you want to see the ranking of tweets by time, select Top Tweets widget instead.

Make sure your dashboards are refreshed frequently. Free accounts do not update dashboard data more than once per day. For real-time dashboards, switch to a premium Octoboard account.
Have this widget on your Social Networks real-time dashboard. This will allow you to view in real-time your Twitter performance without the need to log into Twitter.
OCTOBOARD metrics type icon: Chart feed


Most popular tweets ranked by Engagement.
Do my visitors like and interact (engage) with my Twitter content?
This group of metrics looks at user actions and monitors trends for comments, shares, likes as well as Engagement and Engagement Rate explained below.


Your engagement metrics over time: tweets, replies and mentions.
Engagement shows how much people interact with the content. Factors that influence engagement include users’ comments, shares, likes, and more. This is an important metric to keep an eye on because higher engagement is a sign of great content.


Your Engagement Rate over time.
Engagement Rate is a metric that is used heavily in analyzing social media. Because the engagement rate is calculated relative to the number of followers a company has on social media (or number of views), the rate for both small and large companies can be compared equally.

Engagement Rate = (Replies + Retweets) / Total Followers
OCTOBOARD metrics type icon: Chart area


Number of likes received by your account or by competition.
You can always switch the way this metric is displayed in widget configuration screen. Select value presentation that shows current number of likes or graph that tracks changes over time.
Is my Twitter activity increasing over time?
This metric is normally used by businesses and Twitter users to measure and maintain the level of activity in the social network Tracking number of tweets over time helps to gauge the amount of effort that goes into maintaining engagement in Twitter.
OCTOBOARD metrics type icon: Chart number


Number of people that you or your competitors follow.
Following is the number of people that you or your competitor are following.
OCTOBOARD metrics type icon: Chart number


Number of people who follow you or your competitor.
OCTOBOARD metrics type icon: Chart column


Number of tweets over a period of time.
This is a measure of your activity on Twitter.
As the number of Tweets increases, make sure your Engagement Rate improves or at least stays the same. If Engagement Rate deteriorates, it means your new Tweets are less relevant for your followers.
OCTOBOARD metrics type icon: Chart number


Number of times your (or competitor) account has been listed by other Twitter users.
Can I follow competitor’s activity and compare metrics to mine?
With Twitter it is very easy to follow competitor’s metrics such as REPLIES, RETWEETS, MENTIONs and others. Comparing these statistics to your own over time provides a valuable insight into what works and when for you and companies that you follow.
OCTOBOARD metrics type icon: Chart area


Number of replies to your (or your competitor's) tweets.
Reply is one of the user actions. We use this metric to measure Engagement and Engagement Rate
OCTOBOARD metrics type icon: Chart area


Number of favorites received by your or your competitor's content.
OCTOBOARD metrics type icon: Chart column


Number of retweets of your or your competitor's content.
OCTOBOARD metrics type icon: Chart number


Number of mentions received by your account or competitor.
OCTOBOARD metrics type icon: Chart feed


Display latest mentions in a feed table.
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