VK (vkontakte) metrics and analytics you should track daily

How to Navigate Around VKontakte Metrics: 6 Useful Tips

Big data is not about the data!

That’s what Gary King said, claiming that raw data can only tell you this much. It’s all about the analytics. But how do you get from raw data to analytics? Let’s look at Social Media and VK Analytics in particular.

Vkontakte (or VK) is the largest European Social Network. With its 410 million users, it can be a gold mine for your Social Media efforts.

But how do you leverage data from your VK metrics to create a smart and efficient VK account? To do so, you have to start spotting insights.

The quickest way to get to them is to look at metrics in the context of a practical question.

The cherry on the top is that VK also allows you to perform Competition Monitoring.

Start with these questions and ask them daily to build a smarter and more efficient VK presence:

  • Is my VK profile/community gaining popularity?
  • Do my visitors like and interact (engage) with my VK content?
  • Can I track my VK posts’ popularity and audience feedback in real-time?
  • What are my competitors doing in VK?

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Now what’s left is to monitor your VK analytics daily and see what story your metrics are telling you.

Make sure you don’t waste too much time tracking analytics. Instead, set up your Social Media Dashboard! Log in once and let the dashboard do all the tracking! Did we mention, it’s FREE?