Octoboard is among Top 3 SaaS products for startups in Italy

Octoboard in Top 3 SaaS products for startups in Italy

It’s great to be mentioned among the best Saas products for business. That means that the year’s work is worthwhile as our aim is adding value to the customer’s online marketing experience.

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Thanks to our friends at, we are among Top 3 software products for startups in Italy:

#10 – Kamzan – The tool to share files and improve brand awareness.

#9 – Social Insider – Competitor analysis on Facebook and Instagram.

#8 – Frontify – The tool that allows you to manage the entire brand in a simple and fast way.

#7 – INK 361 – The tool that allows you to get statistics and analytics of your Instagram account and that of your competitors.

#6 – BIZPLAN – The suite to manage the business plan of your startup or SME.

#5 – Amper – The artificial intelligence tool to create royalty free music automatically and in a few minutes.

#4 – – The tool that allows marketers to find and share the best content quickly and easily.

#3 – Octoboard – The tool that allows you to create monitoring dashboards for all your online activities.



#2 – Albacross – The tool to track visits by companies to your website.

#1 – Lumen5 – The tool that transforms any web page (even the posts of your blog) into video.

The new year brings new challenges to us and to our customers. We’ll continue to work on our dashboards, templates, and reports for digital marketing, also there are exciting releases to come!

Stay tuned and happy Octoboarding!

Octoboard business dashboard - TV screen