Octoboard integration with Google Search Console

Octoboard’s new Google Search Console integration

Octoboard adds Google Search Console integration – yet another way to add business and marketing data to your performance dashboard!

Google Search Console is a free Google service that allows you to track your website’s search positions, keywords performance and benchmarks. It helps you understand what keywords bring traffic to your site over time. It also provides an excellent insight and direction for your content marketing

With Octoboard integration, you can monitor your site’s keywords performance alongside data from social networks and engagement platforms on an online dashboard. You no longer have to switch between applications to stay on top of things. This means saving time and instead dedicating your efforts to more important activities that help grow your business and marketing presence.

In Octoboard you can combine your Google Search data with our integrated applications such as Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica, Google Adwords and have a full view of your online activity and performance.

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интеграция WhatConverts

Octoboard announces WhatConverts integration

Great news – we are integrating with WhatConverts! 

Octoboard works on adding new integrations regularly in order to stay ahead of our 3 000+ clients’ marketing needs and data analytics requirements. Today, it’s WhatConverts integration- a great tool that can be an answer to all your call tracking requirements.

About WhatConverts

WhatConverts is a customer relationship management software designed to track calls and aggregate contacts from web forms, chat sessions, and eCommerce transactions. Customers use it to track lead sources (Google, AdWords and more). WhatConverts is a powerful tool that gets its clients to the next level of measuring their marketing efforts.

WhatConverts features

  • Call tracking – call, form and keyword tracking, call recording and complete lead detail.
  • Lead tracking – total leads report.
  • Reporting – complete reports on calls, leads, e-commerce and more.
  • Lead management – web forms, phone calls, e-commerce transactions and chat sessions tied to their marketing source.

Octoboard Integration benefits

With Octoboard integration, call and lead tracking become a piece of cake – connect WhatConverts and monitor your data on one dashboard. Combine it with your finance metrics and web analytics – no more switching between your numerous digital marketing platforms.

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