Comment créer un rapport de données LinkedIn de client de l’Agence de Marketing

Comment créer un rapport de données LinkedIn de client de l’Agence de Marketing

LinkedIn est l’une des plus grandes plateformes de Médias Sociaux pour les professionnels. LinkedIn est utilisé par quelque 65 millions de professionnels dans le monde entier et constitue une excellente ressource pour promouvoir des produits et services auprès d’audiences très ciblées. Les agences de marketing utilisent largement les données LinkedIn. Les clients des agences de marketing recherchent des informations et des rapports sur l’efficacité des campagnes LinkedIn et si le retour sur investissement LinkedIn justifie les dépenses publicitaires.

Chez Octoboard, nous sommes récemment devenus des Partenaires Marketing avec LinkedIn. Cela nous permet de recueillir beaucoup de données utiles sur les campagnes publicitaires et l’engagement des utilisateurs. Nous analysons maintenant les données marketing de LinkedIn et construisons de nouvelles intégrations pour nos 2000+ clients.

Cet article montre comment collecter des données LinkedIn non liées à des annonces et les partager facilement dans le tableau de bord de vos données d’entreprise ou avec des clients via des rapports automatisés.

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Как добавить данные LinkedIn в отчет для клиента Маркетингового Агентства

Как добавить данные LinkedIn в отчет для клиента Маркетингового Агентства

LinkedIn – одна из крупнейших профессиональных социальных сетей. LinkedIn используют около 65 миллионов профессионалов по всему миру, и это отличный ресурс для продвижения продуктов и услуг для целевых аудиторий. Маркетинговые агентства широко используют данные LinkedIn. Клиентам маркетинговых агентств нужна информация и отчеты о том, насколько эффективны кампании LinkedIn, и оправдывает ли ROI (Return on Investment, показатель окупаемости инвестиций) LinkedIn расходы на рекламу.

Мы в Octoboard недавно стали Партнерами по Маркетингу LinkedIn. Это позволяет нам собирать много полезных данных о рекламных кампаниях и вовлеченности пользователей. В настоящее время мы анализируем маркетинговые данные LinkedIn и создаем новые интеграции для 2000+ наших клиентов.

В этом посте мы показываем, как собирать данные LinkedIn, не связанные с платной рекламой, и легко делиться ими на бизнес-дашбордах или с клиентами через автоматизированные отчеты.

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How to create a LinkedIn data Marketing Agency client report

How to add LinkedIn data to Marketing Agency client reports

LinkedIn is one of the largest Social Media platform for professionals. LinkedIn is used by some 65 million professionals all over the world and it is a great resource to promote products and services to highly targeted audiences. Marketing agencies use LinkedIn data extensively. Clients of marketing agencies look for insights and reports on how effective LinkedIn campaigns are and if LinkedIn ROI justifies ad spend.

We at Octoboard have recently become Marketing Partners with LinkedIn. This allows us to collect a lot of useful data on ad campaigns and user engagement. We are now analyzing LinkedIn marketing data and building new integrations for our 2000+ clients.

This post shows how to collect non-ad related LinkedIn data and easily share it in your business data dashboard or with clients via automated reports.

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Octoboard has joined LinkedIn Marketing Developer Program

Octoboard has joined LinkedIn Marketing Developer Program

We are happy to let you know that Octoboard is now an official LinkedIn Marketing Developer Partner!

The LinkedIn Marketing Developer Program is designed as an effort (and a very successful one!) to help digital marketers to work with LinkedIn and its analytics.

It’s great news for you

LinkedIn is one of the most popular Social Media in the world where users communicate and promote. So why not make promotion easier? Monitor what strategy works best for your or your client’s business. Octoboard LinkedIn dashboards and template help you save time – no more data collection and choosing of metrics that matter. No more report making – Octoboard creates it for you!

It’s great news for us

Octoboard supports all the key web analytics tools and sees its goal in making a marketer’s life easier. LinkedIn is a perfect place for digital marketing activities. The fact that LinkedIn integrates with Octoboard and other online marketing tools means we can deliver more analytics to you and thus simplify the process of managing your LinkedIn campaigns.

Today we begin defining LinkedIn Ads integration and Octoboard report templates for Marketing Agencies. Lets see if we can implement and release LinkdeIn Ads integration in 2 weeks!

LinkedIn Analytics with Octoboard

Introducing LinkedIn Analytics in 7 Minutes

As Ann Handley has put it:  “LinkedIn is where you can meet up to get work done”. In fact, 50% of B2B sales decision-making happens thanks to LinkedIn. If you want to get some work done over LinkedIn, you have to start setting up successful LinkedIn strategies. How do you get there? You have to check what works precisely for you. That’s when Analytics enter the game. Most people fail to get to the basics of LinkedIn Analytics, even though they are all right there in front of you. This quick post walks you through the essentials without getting too technical. Dive in!


LinkedIn Analytics Part I: Visibility

Think numbers: every month, 106 million unique users visit LinkedIn. These are your potential connections, followers, business partners.


LinkedIn Analytics Followers by region metric Octoboard

The count of your LinkedIn profile and company connections

This is your basic LinkedIn contact, probably someone you know personally or connected with previously on some other level. These are people who already want to engage with you at a higher level, rather than passively check your company updates. Value and appreciate their existence!

You should try to expand the number of LinkedIn connections. Leveraging human network will lead to a sort of ripple effect. Deepak Shukla shares his insights/tips on how you can develop your LinkedIn account. Give it a read once you master the basics! Read more