Как добавить данные Google Analytics в клиентский отчет Маркетингового Агентства

Как добавить данные Google Analytics в клиентский отчет Маркетингового Агентства

Клиенты Маркетинговых Агентств хотят видеть результат вложения своих средств, другими словами, им нужен отчет деятельности агентства. Они хотят видеть усилия, предпринимаемые агентствами, и, конечно же, они хотят результатов. Они пытаются понять, что какие стратегии успешно работают для их бизнеса и вносить свой вклад. Вот почему отправка автоматических отчетов клиентов каждые две недели или ежемесячно является абсолютной необходимостью для любого успешного маркетингового агентства сегодня. Веб-аналитика от Google – большая часть регулярного отчета клиента.

К сожалению, Google Analytics сложна, и для создания отчета с нуля потребуется несколько часов. Лучший способ для маркетинговых агентств регулярно предоставлять своим многочисленным клиентам отчеты – автоматизировать весь процесс. Вот как успешные агентства используют Октоборд для ежедневного создания и отправки красивых отчетов тысячам своих клиентов.

Вот как вы могли бы сэкономить время, автоматически создавая отчеты по веб-аналитике из данных Google Analytics:

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Comment ajouter les données Google Analytics au rapport du client d'Agence de Marketing

Comment ajouter les données Google Analytics au rapport du client d’Agence de Marketing

Les clients des Agences de Marketing veulent de la valeur pour leur argent et ils exigent des mises à jour. Ils veulent voir les efforts déployés par les agences et ils veulent des résultats. Ils essaient de comprendre ce qui fonctionne. Envoyer des rapports de clients automatisés toutes les deux semaines ou tous les mois est un must absolu pour toute agence de marketing réussie aujourd’hui. L’analyse web fournie par Google constitue une part importante de ce reporting.

Malheureusement, Google Analytics est compliqué et créer un rapport à partir de zéro prendra plusieurs heures. Le seul moyen pour les agences de marketing de fournir régulièrement de la visibilité à leurs nombreux clients est d’AUTOMATISER le processus. Voici comment les agences qui réussissent utilisent Octoboard pour construire et envoyer de beaux rapports à des milliers de leurs clients chaque jour.

Voici comment vous pouvez gagner du temps en générant automatiquement des rapports d’analyse web à partir des données Google Analytics:

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How to add Google Analytics data to Marketing Agency client report

How to add Google Analytics data to Marketing Agency client report

Clients of Marketing Agencies want value for their money and they demand updates. They want to see efforts made by agencies and, of course, they want results. They try to understand what works and provide input. This is why sending automated client reports every two weeks or monthly is an absolute must for any successful marketing agency today. Web analytics from Google is a big part of the regular client report.

Unfortunately, Google Analytics is complicated and to build a report from scratch will take hours. The only possible way for marketing agencies to provide visibility to their many clients on a regular basis is to AUTOMATE the whole process. Here is how successful agencies use Octoboard to build and send beautiful reports to thousands of their clients daily.

Here is how you could save time by generating web analytics reports from Google Analytics data automatically.

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USING DATA is the Key to Your Blog's Success

USING DATA is the Key to Your Blog’s Success

When you think about that secret ingredient to any blog’s success, what pops up to your mind? Looking at the first page of Google search for “blogging success” you will get tips and tricks on:

  • Choosing blog topics
  • Design and user experience
  • Blog, posts and domain name
  • Social Media presence
  • Hosting platforms

And they are all important areas for sure. But few bloggers it seems are willing to give away one of the real success factors – DATA.

So what data is available for bloggers to learn from, how do we get it and what can we do with it? Before we answer it, remember the following:

Big data is not about the data!

It really is about analytics or how you interpret numbers and get insights – valuable pieces of information that tell you something new, something valuable, something that makes you smarter! It is also about USING THE DATA. Now that can be a big challenge!

Octoboard - Explore your Data

Selecting right information from thousands of pieces and making sure it is easily accessible is very time-consuming task that sometimes requires a degree in computer science (yes, it does!). Fortunately, there is a solution for an average blogger.

We have a way to select useful data and give you access in just 1 minute.

Just remember this as you read this post. If you get to the very end you will have all the important data for your blog and in one place ready to access and learn from.

What data points should you look at? Where do you get them from?

There are a couple of areas that play a key role in your blog’s success:

  • Analytics from the blog itself (audience, behaviour)
  • Web Analytics (SEO)
  • Engagement Signals
  • Outreach
  • Competitor Analysis

Let’s go through each of them.
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Google Analytics Dashboard Released Octobaord

Google Analytics Dashboard Released

We are excited to introduce you to our new and shiny Google Analytics Dashboard! No more frustration or hours of Google Analytics courses. If you are involved in digital activities, this Dashboard will be of great help!

In the world of digital, accessibility of data is one of the most important things for your online success. If Google is your search engine, then Google Analytics plays a huge role in your life. Most digital folks have a love-hate relationship with Google Analytics. On the one hand, GA provides you with the biggest functionality for measuring the efficiency of your online efforts. On the other hand, it is a platform that requires a lot of learning and in-depth knowledge to truly leverage it. So why spend 12 hours on GA basics webinar, or waste precious time figuring out how to operate GA? Google Analytics Dashboard may offer an easier way to get to data!

Why use our Google Analytics Dashboard?

  • GA itself offers 300+ metrics for you to keep track of. Very few of us use the entire GA suite. In Octoboard we have carefully selected the most important metrics for you to monitor your digital performance without any confusion
  • We save your time! Setting up our dashboard is really easy and it is free. Add metrics one-by-one or use ready-made templates that already includes all the necessary metrics.