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Top 7 GetResponse metrics to monitor with Octoboard

Octoboard is an all-in-one dashboard solution that collects and presents online data in an easy way. Our dashboards and reports for business and marketing agencies help you get insights from the information you have – and without wasting your time on switching between platforms. Time, when you had to collect and update data manually, is over!

GetResponse is a multinational email marketing platform with more than 350,000 customers in 182 countries. It delivers high-quality marketing solutions that help businesses grow. GetResponse offers excellent tools like marketing automation, responsive email design, hundreds of ready-to-use email templates, landing page creator, and useful statistical analysis.

Below are top 7 GetResponse metrics that businesses put together into management and business dashboards and share with teams and clients.

Email Marketing

Top 7 GetResponse Metrics to add to business dashboard

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Топ-7 метрик GetResponse для мониторинга с помощью Octoboard

Топ-7 метрик GetResponse для мониторинга с помощью Octoboard

Octoboard – это онлайн-платформа, которая собирает и отображает ваши данные из облачных приложений. Дашборды и отчеты для компаний и маркетинговых агентств от Octoboard помогают вам получить упорядоченные данные, на основе которых удобнее принимать решения для вашего бизнеса, не тратя время на переключение между платформами.

GetResponse – одна из самых популярных маркетинговых платформ с более чем 350 000 клиентами в 182 странах. Она предлагает отличные инструменты, такие как автоматизация маркетинга, креативные варианты дизайна электронных писем, сотни готовых к использованию шаблонов электронных писем, полезную статистическую аналитику и многое другое.

Ниже приведены 7 метрик GetResponse, которые едущие email-маркетологи и агентства отслеживают регулярно..

Email Marketing

Toп-7 метрик GetResponse от Octoboard

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Top 7 métriques de GetResponse à surveiller avec Octoboard

Top 7 métriques de GetResponse à surveiller avec Octoboard

Octoboard est une solution de tableau de bord tout-en-un qui recueille et présente des données en ligne de manière simple. Nos tableaux de bord et rapports pour les entreprises et agences de marketing vous aident à obtenir des informations à partir des données dont vous disposez, sans perdre de temps à passer d’une plateforme à l’autre.

GetResponse est une plate-forme multinationale de marketing par courriel avec plus de 350 000 clients dans 182 pays. Il fournit des solutions marketing de haute qualité. GetResponse offre d’excellents outils tels que l’automatisation du marketing, la conception de courriels réactifs, des centaines de modèles de courriels prêts à utiliser, le créateur de pages de destination et des analyses statistiques utiles.

Vous trouverez ci-dessous les 7 métriques de GetResponse principales que les entreprises rassemblent dans des tableaux de bord de gestion et partagent avec les équipes et les clients.

Email Marketing

Top 7 des métriques de GetResponse à ajouter au tableau de bord business

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How to use SendGrid data in Startup dashboard

How to use SendGrid data in Startup dashboard

Are you familiar with SendGrid? If not, the time has come to start using this amazing email delivering service. It helps companies and brands to grow by managing their email marketing campaigns, and they do it well. If you are already using this platform, you will definitely find it worthy of your time to learn how to use key metrics to monitor SendGrid campaigns.

Today we announce the release of a startup dashboard and templates for SendGrid!

SendGrid data metrics in a dashboard - Octoboard

Email marketing is one of the best solutions and marketing tools to build customer relationships. SendGrid is a great tool to send your emails at the right time, with the right content and to the right people. Those three conditions or principles are essential to any email marketer to follow. How do you make sure you really follow them?

Use your data

Even the smartest emails can not guarantee you a successful email marketing campaign. You should use data to constantly validate your tactics and even change directions if needed.

As a startup, along with Finance and Social media marketing, you should use SendGrid metrics on a dashboard and check them daily – Deliveries, Opens, Blocks, Bounces, Spam Reports and much more. The detailed list with descriptions of all the metrics can be found here. But we at Octoboard go further.

 SendGrid data

Why Octoboard?

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Email Marketing Dashboards Octoboard - MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, AWeber, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, SendGrid

Email Marketing Dashboards Released

Ok, this time we are releasing not 1 but 7 integrations in one go! We have carefully studied, reviewed and analyzed top email marketing suits and have selected the biggest and best email marketing and automation platforms to bring you all the data you need on a daily basis! Now you can combine your Social Marketing data with Finance (Stripe and others), Brand Monitoring, Blogging AND Email Marketing – all in one dashboard!

Here is the current list of Email Marketing products. We are sure you are using one of them after all, email marketing still ranks highly among digital marketing channels:


Campaign Monitor Performance Octoboard

You have an email marketing automation tool. Certainly, you feel that you are all set up to nurture your leads and win customers. You are sending campaigns out. Great! The next step is to keep track of your efforts and results, learn and improve.

Managing multiple campaigns and lists is a challenging job. Thus, we took that challenge and turned email marketing performance monitoring into an effortless activity for you. So, why do you need a dashboard to display you the data the platforms already provide? Read more