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How to create Marketing agency report with Disqus data

Disqus is a blog comment hosting service for websites and online communities. Features of Disqus include social integration, social networking, spam and moderation tools, analytics, email notifications, and mobile commenting.

When a business wants to have a thorough marketing strategy to promote their products or services, it can’t miss the opportunities Disqus gives its users. If content is king, then comments are among his most effective tools that turn visitors into customers.

If you are a Marketing Agency that promotes a certain number of businesses at a time, you  spend a lot of time creating marketing reports for your clients to let them see results of your work. We at Octoboard provide businesses, marketing agencies and bloggers with analytics and data presented in dashboards and reports that we generate and send to your businesses and their clients automatically.

Today we show you how to create a Disqus dashboard and report for a Marketing Agency and combine that data with other metrics. As always, it will only take 1 minute to setup and display.


How to add Disqus data metrics to a dashboard and report

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Qu'est-ce que c'est qu'un dashboard

Qu’est-ce que c’est qu’un dashboard?

Le tableau de bord (le dashboard) est une représentation visuelle des informations les plus importantes, regroupées sur un écran afin de pouvoir être facilement comprises. C’est un outil d’évaluation de l’organisation d’une entreprise ou d’une institution constitué de plusieurs indicateurs de sa performance à des moments donnés ou sur des périodes données.

La visualisation des données joue un rôle important dans chaque entreprise. C’est pourquoi on utilise les manières différentes de les afficher – tables, graphiques, rapports et bien d’autres. Ce n’est pas un secret pourquoi vous en avez besoin. Le cerveau humain est conçu de telle manière que l’obtention d’informations visuelles, contrairement à un texte, «comprend» notre pensée abstraite, qui, à son tour, contribue à une perception plus productive de l’information. La productivité dans ce cas réside dans une meilleure compréhension et la possibilité d’analyser l’information.

Le problème est qu’aujourd’hui il y a trop d’informations. Le champ d’information n’est plus un champ, mais un océan entier. Il est souvent difficile de s’entendre. C’est pourquoi il existe des tableaux de bord – interfaces utilisateur pour la visualisation des données.

La plupart des services utilisés par les entreprises modernes avec une présence sur Internet fournissent des statistiques et des données sur les performances des entreprises (Yandex.Metrica, Google Analytics, etc.). Cependant, toutes les entreprises ne peuvent pas embaucher un employé individuel afin de s’engager dans ces indicateurs, car il y a beaucoup de données et, peut-être, seulement un expert est capable de comprendre cette énorme quantité d’indicateurs. L’utilisation de tableaux de bord simplifie grandement le processus: vous ne sélectionnez que les métriques clés dont vous avez vraiment besoin, collectez toutes ces métriques dans un tableau de bord et les suivez en temps réel. C’est simple!

C’est ainsi que votre tableau de bord suit après 5 minutes de configuration:

Tableau de bord - métriques

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How to use your Stripe finance metrics

How to use your Stripe finance metrics?

If you run an online business, you will sooner or later come to the point where you have to have a way to accept payments. After all, businesses are about making money! It is not the sole reason, of course, but we can’t deny that it’s about money. So how to start accepting payments? Stripe is a great way to do it. It is a company operating in over 25 countries which allows individuals and businesses to accept online payments. Stripe also provides a great set of metrics that you can use for monitoring your billing and finance.

Below is an overview of key metrics and dashboard templates that can be built using free business performance dashboard from Octoboard.

Why do I use Stripe dashboard?

We have chosen to integrate with Stripe for several reasons. It is a service that takes security very seriously, which is of utmost importance when dealing with money. Its API is clean, well documented, and very easy to use. Stripe values data portability. It has great customer service. For all those reasons, Stripe has a lot of clients. And we at Octoboard understand that all those thousands of clients need their finance metrics at hand to be able to have all the up-to-date information they need. Which is exactly what we provide.

Octoboard dashboards for Stripe allow you to monitor revenue (recurring and by product), customer growth, pricing analysis, latest transactions and failure causes, fees and charges, and more. And you should definitely monitor them! Smart businesses use this information to adjust their strategy so that it leads them to success.

Set up your dashboard in just 3 minutes and start monitoring your finance metrics

Here’s how you Stripe Revenue dashboard can look like:

stripe finance metrics REVENUE

All the metrics are presented in a way that even a non-specialist will be able to make sense of it.

You can group your metrics differently to have more data in one dashboard:

stripe finance metrics ALL

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Octoboard adds new visualization elements to business dashboards and templates

Octoboard adds new visualization elements to business dashboards and templates

Two new visualization elements have been introduced to Octoboard platform:

1. Advanced pie charts

We change default presentation of metrics that display rankings to pie charts. The best way to use them is when you make a part-to-whole comparison (for example, new visitors to website vs returning visitors or mobile or desktop users).

Octoboard dashboards visualisation elements

Here we can see share of different ages and genders in your website audience. We use Yandex Metrica to illustrate this but you can select Google Analytics too.

Below is how page breakdown will look by default:

Octoboard PIE chart dashboard widget

As with any Octoboard metric, users can change default visualization settings in a single click as shown in this video:

Octoboard widget customisation example

2. Report tables

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How to use SendGrid data in Startup dashboard

How to use SendGrid data in Startup dashboard

Are you familiar with SendGrid? If not, the time has come to start using this amazing email delivering service. It helps companies and brands to grow by managing their email marketing campaigns, and they do it well. If you are already using this platform, you will definitely find it worthy of your time to learn how to use key metrics to monitor SendGrid campaigns.

Today we announce the release of a startup dashboard and templates for SendGrid!

SendGrid data metrics in a dashboard - Octoboard

Email marketing is one of the best solutions and marketing tools to build customer relationships. SendGrid is a great tool to send your emails at the right time, with the right content and to the right people. Those three conditions or principles are essential to any email marketer to follow. How do you make sure you really follow them?

Use your data

Even the smartest emails can not guarantee you a successful email marketing campaign. You should use data to constantly validate your tactics and even change directions if needed.

As a startup, along with Finance and Social media marketing, you should use SendGrid metrics on a dashboard and check them daily – Deliveries, Opens, Blocks, Bounces, Spam Reports and much more. The detailed list with descriptions of all the metrics can be found here. But we at Octoboard go further.

 SendGrid data

Why Octoboard?

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MailChimp metrics

How to improve your MailChimp email marketing campaign – top metrics to use

A marketer’s job is a lot about numbers. Numbers turn into insights which give highly valuable information on the marketing campaign performance. This information is the core of marketing. That is why ignoring it or not using it can result in a very disappointing outcome. Octoboard makes getting and, more importantly, using information, or metrics, easy for any marketer, small business or brand.

Today, we are happy to announce that a dashboard for your MailChimp email marketing campaign is now released!

As we know, email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels. It can reach thousands of people at once with relatively low costs. Now let’s focus on measuring the performance of your MailChimp email marketing campaign.

Why do you have to monitor metrics?

Analytics gives a great opportunity to track metrics in order to work out which parts of your campaign actually work and which don’t. Monitoring this data is crucial for your marketing campaign because you build your whole marketing strategy on it. However, it can sometimes be rather difficult to make sense of all the data, especially if you have just launched your very first email marketing campaign. Octoboard can help you with visualising and presenting the data. All the needed metrics from MailChimp and other email marketing platforms such as ConstantContact, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse and others in one place and for free!

MailChimp email marketing campaign

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AWeber metrics

Key AWeber metrics’ tips for successful email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most powerful channels of digital marketing that you definitely should not ignore if you want your business or brand to grow. As we at Octoboard are trying to help you make your email marketing campaigns successful we have now released dashboard and metrics’ template for AWeber – one of the best tools to build your email marketing campaigns! How do you use it? Check out our 3  key AWeber metrics’ tips to get insights and improve your campaigns.Email marketing metrics

3 tips to make your email marketing campaign successful

1. Add value

The product you market has to be valuable and useful – it means that you should add value with your product. But a valuable product is not enough. You should also add value to your email campaign itself.  Remember to segment your audience so that you deliver the right information to the right people. Produce great content to create curiosity and interest. Make sure your recipients see value for their business within your email.

2. Know your audience

Here, we are talking again about your emails’ recipients. You should know your audience and personalize your campaign to it. Octoboard gives great possibilities to monitor the most engaging emails for your audience for all the email marketing platforms you use in one dashboard. It also tracks open, reply, bounce rates, performance and reach of your campaigns.

3. Measure your success

Monitoring all the metrics is very important for your campaign’s success. Although digits can sometimes seem boring and complicated, it is actually the key ingredient for a successful email marketing campaign. Working with stats can be challenging, especially to those who just start out with marketing campaigns. Don’t be afraid of the metrics – with Octoboard they are displayed simply, they are all in one dashboard so you don’t have to look for them in different platforms you use, and you don’t need to log into several different platforms. You get all you metrics in 3 clicks and for free!
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How to use ConstantContact data in a dashboard

How to use ConstantContact data in a dashboard

We are very excited to announce that ConstantContact dashboard and metrics’ template is now ready! From today on, you can enjoy all your email marketing data from ConstantContact visualised without effort and for free! After making a thorough research we have made it possible for you to smartly use the data from one of the best email marketing platforms.

If you are not currently using such platforms as ConstantContact, AWeber or, for example, MailChimp, the time has definitely come to start using them! After all, email marketing has a lot of potential and still ranks highly among all digital marketing channels, so you don’t want to miss out opportunities it can give you.

With Octoboard using ConstantContact and other email marketing platforms becomes easy and productive. Why should you use our dashboard to display your email marketing data?

Why use Octoboard for ConstantContact?

  • First of all, Octoboard saves your time! When you have all the data from ConstantContact you need visualised for you so that you don’t have to make reports and combine data yourself, you have more time to improve your email marketing campaign. Don’t forget that time is money!
  • If you are a small business, you don’t need a narrow-focused marketing specialist to analyse all the technical data anymore – we show the metrics in a user-friendly way so that our dashboard makes sense for everyone.
  • Actually, we are here to help you on your road to success. Octoboard gives you the metrics you need so that you can timely spot trends from the big load of information which is sometimes hard to understand – not anymore!

Try our easy-to-use Octoboard template for Constant Contact now!

What metrics to display

Performance over time

Emails Sent, Opened and Clicked are tracked over time for you.

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Email Marketing Dashboards Octoboard - MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, AWeber, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, SendGrid

Email Marketing Dashboards Released

Ok, this time we are releasing not 1 but 7 integrations in one go! We have carefully studied, reviewed and analyzed top email marketing suits and have selected the biggest and best email marketing and automation platforms to bring you all the data you need on a daily basis! Now you can combine your Social Marketing data with Finance (Stripe and others), Brand Monitoring, Blogging AND Email Marketing – all in one dashboard!

Here is the current list of Email Marketing products. We are sure you are using one of them after all, email marketing still ranks highly among digital marketing channels:


Campaign Monitor Performance Octoboard

You have an email marketing automation tool. Certainly, you feel that you are all set up to nurture your leads and win customers. You are sending campaigns out. Great! The next step is to keep track of your efforts and results, learn and improve.

Managing multiple campaigns and lists is a challenging job. Thus, we took that challenge and turned email marketing performance monitoring into an effortless activity for you. So, why do you need a dashboard to display you the data the platforms already provide? Read more

Google AdWords Dashboard Octoboard

Google AdWords Dashboard Released

We are thrilled to introduce you to our new Google AdWords Dashboard! We are here to make Paid Advertising monitoring transparent and easy for you!

Your journey to Google AdWords success doesn’t stop once you master the art of creating a compelling Google ad. Are you getting any return on your investment? Are you setting up the right advertising budget? What’s the weakest link of your AdWords campaign? To find answers, we suggest that you set up our Google AdWords Dashboard.

Why use Octoboard for Google AdWords?

The main issue at hand is your ads performance. It’s easy to get overloaded with various metrics Google itself offers you. We at Octoboard decided to simplify things by collecting the most important, interesting, relevant data and show it to you without unnecessary clutter. These are some of the areas that we have covered:

Google AdWords Cost per Click Octoboard

  • Octoboard offers a concise way to track your individual ads/campaigns. You can keep track of all the relevant metrics from one dashboard. No more scrolling and tab opening.
  • We visualise your Google ads Cost, Reach, Performance, ROI with minimum effort on your part. Just keep tracking changes over a time period and watch out to spot trends!
  • If you are new to Google advertising, our templates will help you get the right metrics for your individual goals. If you are a confident advertiser, it is still handy to set up a template – use it as the basis for your dashboard and tailor it to your needs!

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