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How to monitor CallRail statistics – Octoboard announces CallRail integration

CallRail is a powerful call tracking solution that measures call conversions from search, offline and digital marketing campaigns. More than 75 000 businesses use it every day and appreciate its powerful call analytics. CallRail statistics helps understand which sites, campaigns and search words are driving conversations.

CallRail overview

From the many features of CallRail, we will highlight the ones that we find the most useful.

Call recording allows to easily qualify leads and improve your customer service. CallRail captures full visitor journey before and after the call. Its call tracking tools allow managing multiple locations and clients from one account. New call tracking numbers can be set up in mere minutes.

The solution helps identify which marketing channels are driving more calls and also measures phone leads received from offline marketing channels. Knowing more about the customer can result in more closed deals – the information gathered from email accounts, call logs, ad campaigns and caller ID databases offer deeper and more contextual details about callersEmail notifications allow you to see when leads come in. CallRail also supports text messaging, voicemail transcription, softphones, call follow up and lead capture.

Octoboard integration

Octoboard will help you access your CallRail statistics easily and without switching between different services that you use. It’s always a good idea to have a full picture of all your marketing channels to make right business decisions. It will take a couple of minutes and save you hours in the future. No more logging into Social Media platforms, Google Analytics, Finance services and CallRail separately – connect your cloud applications to Octoboard! It will display and refresh your data automatically. The CallRail metrics that Octoboard monitors for you include Total calls, First calls, Calls answered, Calls missed, Calls voicemail, Call cities, Average duration, Call sources, Call mediums, Lead status and more.

Octoboard dashboard

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интеграция WhatConverts

Octoboard annonce l’intégration avec WhatConverts

Octoboard ajoute régulièrement de nouvelles intégrations pour fournir le maximum de données à plus de nos 3 000 clients. Aujourd’hui, c’est l‘intégration de WhatConverts – un excellent outil pour suivre les appels.

À propos de WhatConverts

WhatConverts est un logiciel de gestion de la relation client conçu pour suivre les appels et agréger les contacts à partir de formulaires web, des sessions de chat et des transactions d’Ecommerce. Les clients l’utilisent pour suivre les sources de leads principales (Google, AdWords et plus). C’est un outil puissant qui permet aux ses clients de mesurer leurs efforts marketing.

Caractéristiques de WhatConverts

Suivi des appels – suivi des appels, des formulaires et des mots-clés, enregistrement des appels et détail complet des leads.
Suivi de leads – rapport sur tous les prospects.
Reporting – rapports complets sur les appels, prospects, Ecommerce et plus encore.
Gestion de prospects – formulaires web, appels téléphoniques, transactions de commerce électronique et sessions de chats liées à leur source marketing.

Avantages de l’intégration de Octoboard

Avec l’intégration de Octoboard, le suivi des appels et des leads devient un jeu d’enfant – connectez WhatConverts et surveillez vos données sur un tableau de bord. Combinez-le avec vos statistiques financières et vos analyses web: plus besoin de basculer entre vos nombreuses plateformes de marketing numérique.

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интеграция WhatConverts

Octoboard announces WhatConverts integration

Great news – we are integrating with WhatConverts! 

Octoboard works on adding new integrations regularly in order to stay ahead of our 3 000+ clients’ marketing needs and data analytics requirements. Today, it’s WhatConverts integration- a great tool that can be an answer to all your call tracking requirements.

About WhatConverts

WhatConverts is a customer relationship management software designed to track calls and aggregate contacts from web forms, chat sessions, and eCommerce transactions. Customers use it to track lead sources (Google, AdWords and more). WhatConverts is a powerful tool that gets its clients to the next level of measuring their marketing efforts.

WhatConverts features

  • Call tracking – call, form and keyword tracking, call recording and complete lead detail.
  • Lead tracking – total leads report.
  • Reporting – complete reports on calls, leads, e-commerce and more.
  • Lead management – web forms, phone calls, e-commerce transactions and chat sessions tied to their marketing source.

Octoboard Integration benefits

With Octoboard integration, call and lead tracking become a piece of cake – connect WhatConverts and monitor your data on one dashboard. Combine it with your finance metrics and web analytics – no more switching between your numerous digital marketing platforms.

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