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Top 7 GetResponse metrics to monitor with Octoboard

Octoboard is an all-in-one dashboard solution that collects and presents online data in an easy way. Our dashboards and reports for business and marketing agencies help you get insights from the information you have – and without wasting your time on switching between platforms. Time, when you had to collect and update data manually, is over!

GetResponse is a multinational email marketing platform with more than 350,000 customers in 182 countries. It delivers high-quality marketing solutions that help businesses grow. GetResponse offers excellent tools like marketing automation, responsive email design, hundreds of ready-to-use email templates, landing page creator, and useful statistical analysis.

Below are top 7 GetResponse metrics that businesses put together into management and business dashboards and share with teams and clients.

Email Marketing

Top 7 GetResponse Metrics to add to business dashboard

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Octoboard is among Top 3 SaaS products for startups in Italy

Octoboard in Top 3 SaaS products for startups in Italy

It’s great to be mentioned among the best Saas products for business. That means that the year’s work is worthwhile as our aim is adding value to the customer’s online marketing experience.

tool per startup

Thanks to our friends at, we are among Top 3 software products for startups in Italy:

#10 – Kamzan – The tool to share files and improve brand awareness.

#9 – Social Insider – Competitor analysis on Facebook and Instagram.

#8 – Frontify – The tool that allows you to manage the entire brand in a simple and fast way.

#7 – INK 361 – The tool that allows you to get statistics and analytics of your Instagram account and that of your competitors.

#6 – BIZPLAN – The suite to manage the business plan of your startup or SME.

#5 – Amper – The artificial intelligence tool to create royalty free music automatically and in a few minutes.

#4 – – The tool that allows marketers to find and share the best content quickly and easily.

#3 – Octoboard – The tool that allows you to create monitoring dashboards for all your online activities.



#2 – Albacross – The tool to track visits by companies to your website.

#1 – Lumen5 – The tool that transforms any web page (even the posts of your blog) into video.

The new year brings new challenges to us and to our customers. We’ll continue to work on our dashboards, templates, and reports for digital marketing, also there are exciting releases to come!

Stay tuned and happy Octoboarding!

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How to add Google Analytics data to Marketing Agency client report

How to add Google Analytics data to Marketing Agency client report

Clients of Marketing Agencies want value for their money and they demand updates. They want to see efforts made by agencies and, of course, they want results. They try to understand what works and provide input. This is why sending automated client reports every two weeks or monthly is an absolute must for any successful marketing agency today. Web analytics from Google is a big part of the regular client report.

Unfortunately, Google Analytics is complicated and to build a report from scratch will take hours. The only possible way for marketing agencies to provide visibility to their many clients on a regular basis is to AUTOMATE the whole process. Here is how successful agencies use Octoboard to build and send beautiful reports to thousands of their clients daily.

Here is how you could save time by generating web analytics reports from Google Analytics data automatically.

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Monitor your finance metrics with QuickBooks

Monitor your finance metrics with QuickBooks

Monitor your company finance metrics with QuickBooks

We are adding QuickBooks metrics to our business performance dashboard. QuickBooks dashboard from Octoboard now allows you to monitor your finance metrics and combine them with data form other cloud applications that your startup or business use (SalesForce, Google Sheets, Stripe and so on). Having all the information presented in a dashboard that keeps updating automatically helps you track your finances and saves you time – no more switching between platforms or constant logins.

Leave all that data collection complexity and updates to Octoboard.

QuickBooks finance metrics in a dashboard

QuickBooks metrics by Octoboard

The following groups of metrics are reported in Octoboard QuickBooks templates and dashboards:

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How to add Google Sheets data to business dashboard

How to add Google Sheets data to business dashboard

We all know how important the data is to any business. A dashboard is one of the best ways to visualize your data. We at Octoboard see our goal in helping businesses make smart decisions by helping them use data. We have already integrated with over 40 cloud applications and today we add a useful way to share data on a dashboard that comes from Google Sheets.

Google Sheets in Octoboard

It is very important to focus the business on performance and have real figures to monitor it daily. This is why dashboards are key for focusing teams and achieving goals. Octoboard gets data from all products that you use (Social Media platforms, Email Marketing platforms, Finance platforms and more) automatically.

But sometimes it is not enough. We have legacy products and data that is stored in data sheets. With Octoboard you can display your Google Sheets data in a great looking business performance dashboard together with other data sources. You can easily connect to any Google Sheets document and display your data in graphs, pie charts and tables. Octoboard supports the following data types:

  • Single numeric value displays (with optional historic value tracking)
  • Data ranges – displayed in graphs
  • Category data – displayed in pie charts, tables or funnels.

Here is how new Google Sheets integration works in Octoboard.

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