QuickBooks template for business

QuickBooks Overview template for business

Octoboard adds QuickBooks template to business performance dashboard. You can now combine finance metrics from QuickBooks with SalesForce, Stripe, Google Sheets and other data services – all in one place. You don’t need to select metrics one-by-one, they have already been grouped for you. As always, you can always modify the dashboard you create using any of the Octoboard templates and integrations.

QuickBooks Overview template

QuickBooks Overview template metrics

  • OVERVIEW – Revenue, expenses, income over time.
  • INCOME – Revenue over time.
  • TOP CUSTOMERS – Income, Profit, Expenses from your top customers.
  • NET INCOME – Net income over time.
  • TOP CUSTOMERS  – Customer ranking by revenue (income)

  • TOP PRODUCT – Product ranking by revenue
  • EXPENSES – Expenses over time.
  • TOP PRODUCT QUANTITY – Top products ranked by quantity.
  • OVERDUE BALANCES – Total overdue balances.
  • CUSTOMER DUE VS OVERDUE – Customer balance breakdown.
  • VENDOR EXPENSES – Expenses by vendors.

You can find more detailed information on metrics displayed on our QuickBooks dashboards and templates here.