Monitor your finance metrics with QuickBooks

Monitor your finance metrics with QuickBooks

Monitor your company finance metrics with QuickBooks

We are adding QuickBooks metrics to our business performance dashboard. QuickBooks dashboard from Octoboard now allows you to monitor your finance metrics and combine them with data form other cloud applications that your startup or business use (SalesForce, Google Sheets, Stripe and so on). Having all the information presented in a dashboard that keeps updating automatically helps you track your finances and saves you time – no more switching between platforms or constant logins.

Leave all that data collection complexity and updates to Octoboard.

QuickBooks finance metrics in a dashboard

QuickBooks metrics by Octoboard

The following groups of metrics are reported in Octoboard QuickBooks templates and dashboards:

  • Overview – your income, expenses, profit and loss metrics.
  • Sales – sales breakdown by product and customer.
  • Rankings – top customers, vendors and products.
  • Customers and vendors – balances, expenses, incomes for selected customers and vendors.
  • With Octoboard, you can monitor your key finance metrics in one dashboard, your top customers and products, get full details on your selected customers, follow your spend per vendor and much more.

More detailed information on metrics displayed on our QuickBooks dashboards and templates can be found here.