Hello Product Hunters !

We build dashboards for Startups, Bloggers, Brands and Marketing agencies.

  • Social Media Marketing – online engagement and user actions from Social Networks
  • Paid Advertising – data from Google AdWords and Facebook Ads campaigns
  • Blogging and Brands – SEO ranking and feeds from Alexa, Moz, WordPress, Disqus
  • Billing and Finance – your business finances from Stripe
  • Web Analytics – know your audience and drive traffic – Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica
  • Email Marketing – all popular email automation platforms and much much more…

Octoboard business dashboard - TV screen

We invite you to try our product. We offer a 25% off our premium plans to ProductHunters during launch. Type up the code shown here when you buy a premium plan. We also have free plans that would suit most. Go ahead, explore your data!


Cloud Data for all

1200+ cloud data metrics categorised, grouped and put into templates for businesses to use. No experience required. Web Analytics, Sales, Finance, Online Engagement are more.



Browse our extensive business metrics gallery and create your dashboards using templates and custom data for free. Data from Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook, Moz, Alexa and more.

Octoboard business dashboard - TV screen

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Octoboard business dashboard - TV screen