How to add Instagram data to a Marketing Agency report

How to add Instagram data to a Marketing Agency report

Marketing Agencies use Instagram for promotion excessively as it’s a great place for businesses to find customers. Instagram campaigns are a big part of online marketing and its importance is increasing. Growing marketing channels are great for promoting but it comes at a cost for Marketing Agencies. How to manage all the data that comes from web analytics, social media and, on top of that, how to make create useful reports for clients who want to see marketing campaign results?

Octoboard helps Marketing Agencies save time automating these tedious tasks. Automated reports from Octoboard are very easy to set up and send regularly. Marketing Agencies can analyze Instagram data and other metrics on dashboards, share them with clients and send scheduled reports which take no more than 5 minutes to generate. It is a useful tool for busy marketers who value their time.

Now let’s see what metrics you can monitor with Octoboard, how to set up a dashboard, a template and a report.

Instagram data to keep track


To monitor and increase your Reach, it is very important to track these metrics. Also, Instagram allows you to see your clients’ competitors data (just press “Configure” on the widget to configure competitors). You can decide what to share with your clients and when. With Octoboard you can send reports automatically or use a mandatory “Approval” stage. Marketing teams use approvals to validate what goes out to clients.

instagram followers and following

POSTS metrics

Monitoring Posts metrics (POSTS AND FOLLOWERS, LATEST POSTS, POSTS, TOP POSTS) is important to estimate your posts performance and keep an eye on competitors content.

instagram posts

Instagram Engagement template

For those who do not want to add metrics one by one yourself, there are always Octoboard Templates. The metrics are already grouped here; to send an automated report to your client just pick this template, schedule it and click “Send”.


instagram engagement template

Instagram Competition template

Tracking your clients’ competitors becomes very easy with this pre-configured template. Compare LATEST POSTS and POSTS AND FOLLOWERS metrics. If you want to compare other Instagram data, simply create a dashboard and add the metrics you need. You can schedule and send reports based on these dashboards too.

instagram competition template

Octoboard also allows you to combine metrics from different platforms,  so that you track different accounts and data on one screen. Bring Social Media, web analytics, Email Marketing and finance data together for your convenience. You do not have to switch between different services and collect data separately – Octoboard does it for you and saves you a lot of time.

instagram data