How to add Google Sheets data to business dashboard

How to add Google Sheets data to business dashboard

We all know how important the data is to any business. A dashboard is one of the best ways to visualize your data. We at Octoboard see our goal in helping businesses make smart decisions by helping them use data. We have already integrated with over 40 cloud applications and today we add a useful way to share data on a dashboard that comes from Google Sheets.

Google Sheets in Octoboard

It is very important to focus the business on performance and have real figures to monitor it daily. This is why dashboards are key for focusing teams and achieving goals. Octoboard gets data from all products that you use (Social Media platforms, Email Marketing platforms, Finance platforms and more) automatically.

But sometimes it is not enough. We have legacy products and data that is stored in data sheets. With Octoboard you can display your Google Sheets data in a great looking business performance dashboard together with other data sources. You can easily connect to any Google Sheets document and display your data in graphs, pie charts and tables. Octoboard supports the following data types:

  • Single numeric value displays (with optional historic value tracking)
  • Data ranges – displayed in graphs
  • Category data – displayed in pie charts, tables or funnels.

Here is how new Google Sheets integration works in Octoboard.

How to add your Google Sheets data to a dashboard?

  1. Access Google Sheets wizard pressing ADD METRIC button and selecting “CUSTOM DATA” tab.

Google Sheets data

2.  Choose your Google Sheets File

  • Select your Google account or add a new account
  • Provide your Google account login details
  • Select a Google Sheets document

Google Sheets document selection - Octoboard wizard

3.  Select data range and data visualisation


With our multiple options to visualize your data, there are always many ways to look at your data.

Your data from Google Sheets can be presented differently

Google Sheets data visualisation in Octoboard

You can also switch (change) presentation of widgets in the dashboard – use “SWITCH” menu item. Select your data first and visualize any time later. A video How-to on configuring your widget after you add it in a dashboard is here.

Benefits of using Octoboard’s Google Sheets dashboard:

  1. You can combine data from Google Sheets with your performance metrics from 40+ business data sources
  2. Every member of your team can have access to it
  3. You keep your team focused on performance figures
  4. Easy to use by team members – no IT support required
  5. Octoboard dashboards are free for most uses, premium plans start from just 15 USD

It’s time to use your data. Log into Octoboard now!